Arrogance | 7 Reasons It’s Your Own Worst Enemy

Arrogance | 7 Reasons It's Your Own Worst Enemy

In life, many people mistake the difference between confidence and arrogance. As mentioned in our previous article, ” 5 Martial Artists Sense From People at a Nightclub“, confidence is convincing your strengths by being fully aware & self-assured about yourself. 

Arrogance is a need to convince yourself & other people that you are somebody. When you’re confident, you have a clear mind of knowing how to take on the misconceptions that come your way. 

When you’re arrogant, you get over your head, and your awareness of misconceptions hits you harder.

For example: Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmogermedov in UFC 229. McGregor was arrogant in the fight and thought he would knock out Khabib easily. However, he was the one getting dominated by Khabib and lost via submission (Neck crank choke).

To read more about the result of their historic match, you can check it out on the MMA Junkie article that was written.

In life, arrogance catches people’s attention, which is what you can get caught up with liking. But once you get caught with one aberration, your arrogance becomes your worst enemy.

That’s why learning martial arts is an excellent way to beat up your ego so that your arrogance doesn’t become your worst enemy.

Arrogance | Ego is Your Worst Enemy
1. You Get Over Your Head

As mentioned earlier, arrogance can cause a person to get over their head. Once that happens, some people will think they are above everybody. A mindset like this in martial arts is unacceptable!

The minute you get over your head in it, your arrogance becomes your worst enemy, which prevents you from excelling in the sport.

2. You Forget Your Roots

In life, some people choose to forget their roots because they believe they are already too good for it. The truth is, you can never be too good for anything! 

The minute you forget that, you’ll lose yourself and forget your true identity!

For example: No matter what martial arts you learn, the most important lessons are the basics. When you ignore those lessons you started with, you lose yourself.

Arrogance | Underestimating
3. You Underestimate People

Another common trait an arrogant person does is underestimating others. The reason is because they believe being at a high level of status, they feel as if people of lower status will not catch up or outwork them.

The truth is, anybody can surpass you! In Martial arts, there are many levels, which means it’s a cycle of ascending one another in many ways. 

Therefore, it’s essential to remain humble and never underestimate anybody!

Arrogance | Lack of Self-Awareness
4. Causes Lack of Self-Awareness

The minute you get arrogant and believe you’re better than everybody, your self-awareness is not clear. The reason why is that when you’re the type that thinks you’re always right, then you will begin to be unclear about your limits.

The key to improving in martial arts is developing your self-awareness. Without this, it will be hard to excel in life and any martial art you learn.

5. Prevents You From Taking in Feedback

Taking in feedback is the key to improving! When you’re arrogant, that will cause you not to want to hear any constructive criticism! Martial arts involves a lot of that. 

When you don’t have the willingness to listen, it means your arrogance is preventing you from learning.

6. Causes You to Blame Others

Blaming others for your errors is another point. Believing you’re never in the wrong and knowing everything will prevent you from excelling.

The truth is that learning about yourself is a never-ending process. So, blaming others because you failed at something is unacceptable.

In martial arts, failing is a way of learning, which teaches you to be honest to yourself & never put someone else at fault other than yourself.

Arrogance | Insecurities
7. Exposes your Insecurities

Most people who are arrogant believe they are confident, but when they are not. Talking a big game to gain attention from others around you doesn’t mean it’s confidence. 

Knowing your self-worth & not needing to prove anything to anybody is the way!

Talking big shows insecurity, which shows an arrogant person is trying to prove they’re not weak. The truth to an individual who does that have already exposed themselves as weak.

People who know that it’s a weakness are the ones who are aware of their identity and are confident in themselves. Martial artists with similar well-developed characteristics can identify that as well.


The definition of both confidence & arrogance can be confusing for individuals who have difficulties differentiating between the two. Confidence is like your friend because it’s a positive characteristic that keeps you self-assured about your abilities.

Arrogance is your enemy because it causes you to get over your head and expose your insecurities that you are not self-assured of.

The best lesson to discover the difference is to go through the humbling lessons in martial arts. Beating up your ego is essential in life because it keeps you honest! Most people don’t want to go through that because they don’t want to experience humility.

If you have any more questions about how arrogance is your own worst enemy, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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