Social Media Striking Coach | 7 Signs They’re Realistic

Social Media Striking Coach

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, & Pinterest, striking instructional videos for BoxingMuay Thai, and Dutch Kickboxing demonstrated by a social media striking coach are everywhere on the feed.

One of the questions asked today is, are these types of coaches good to take advice & learn techniques from? The answer depends on how they explain, describe, demonstrate, & teach people.

Since it all depends, not every coach making videos on social media is teaching things properly to those who want to learn a striking discipline they are interested in. Is it hurting these sports whenever someone is teaching improper technique?

With all honesty, the answer is yes!

Furthermore, if social media striking coaches continue to record & post those types of videos, there’s a high chance that the individual who emulates the moves can get hurt!

If you’re wondering how? Let’s say a person tries to emulate the improper technique in sparring. When that happens, it will lead to an injury because moves that do not work mean you pay the price of getting hit!

Understandably, not everybody who enters a martial arts gym wants to compete. However, techniques must be realistic & proper when demonstrating due to the respect of the sport.

Correct form does not only show respect to the sport but also to the amateurs & professionals who compete in it.

In this article, the topic is about the 7 realistic signs of an acceptable striking coach demonstrating on social media.

Social Media Striking Coach | Amateur or Professional Experience
1. They Have Amateur & Professional Level Fights

A striking coach on social media who is an active, retired amateur or professional fighter is one of the signs they are most likely good at showing proper technique on their feed. 

Not all of them are, but having fight experience allows a coach to educate others about what works & what doesn’t in competition.

Social Media Striking Coach | Years of Coaching Experience
2. They Have Years of Coaching Experience

Competition experience with well-developed coaching skills is another good sign to look out for.

When a coach has that, teaching amateur & professional fighters or just people who want to learn self-defense, know what works for beginners, intermediate, & advanced level strikers.

3. They Know What Works and What Doesn't

Knowing what techniques work and what don’t is essential! If a social media coach shares something they have performed in their amateur or professional fights, it builds trust!

Once developed, people who watch the reels will become more educated about what is realistic in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, & Boxing.

4. They Are Knowledgeable About Showing Different Styles

When learning a striking-based martial art, there are many styles involved. 

Furthermore, not all of them will work for everyone, but when one explains that it “may not work for you,” establish they have that realistic knowledge.

To read more about different striking styles, check out 2 of the “Evolve Daily’s”  blog articles:

Social Media Striking Coach | Knowing the Small Details
5. They Are Good At Breaking Down the Small Details

When the small details in techniques are broken down slowly in any reels you see, that is another good sign you can learn from it. 

Furthermore, some are missing the small technical details in their videos.

Without a demonstration of those, people who watch & want to add them to their training will most likely perform it incorrectly!

Besides showing how the move works, breaking it down is equally as important!

6. They Show Passion

The passion behind a striking coach’s teaching is another great sign! When one has a love for teaching, they don’t care about the amount of views or likes they get on their social media page.

What is essential to them is the quality and proper demonstration that are begin demonstrated in their videos!

When there is no passion, it shows the person recording is doing it for the views and the attention of others!

Social Media Striking Coach | Timing & Distance
7. They Are Knowledgeable About Timing & Distance

Lastly, timing & distance is another sign! A high-level coach understands the different levels behind it. 

For those who just record & do it to get followers & views most likely don’t have a complete understanding.

Timing & distance come from years of professional fight competition experience & training. Without that, the quality of techniques won’t be as realistic!


As we all know, the power of social media is immense today! Moreover, there is a never-ending amount of striking videos posted daily. However, not all of them are realistic!

When watching the video reels, keep an eye out for the seven realistic signs to see if what they are demonstrating is proper.

Do not follow it if you see any signs of incorrect technique!  Learning from videos like that could lead you to get hurt!

For any striking marital art ( Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Boxing, etc. ) you learn, it’s essential to use the correct technique!

Combative contact is involved, & you shouldn’t be joking or playing around with it! Furthermore, any striking videos you come across, examine them to avoid developing bad habits.

If you have any more questions about the realistic signs of a good social media boxing coach, please comment or message us.


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