Bernard Hopkins 4 Longevity Facts to Live By

Bernard Hopkins 4 Longevity Facts to Live By

For those who do not know who Bernard Hopkins is, he is known to be one of the biggest legends who has fought in the boxing ring. Hopkins has won multiple titles and even won a belt at age 46. Winning a title at that age is unheard of!

Most boxers and athletes at that age are retired and no longer want to compete. Hopkins winning a world title at age 46 shows that he has done all the right things to keep himself healthy.

He has also talked about what he did to keep his body healthy to continue competing in his 40s, which is what we will be getting into next.

The facts Bernard Hopkins speaks about mainly point out to professional boxers the importance of longevity. Not only is it for competition purposes but also for life. Therefore, his facts can also apply towards non-athletes.

To hear about Hopkin’s facts about Longevity, check out his video:

“The Great” BERNARD HOPKINS Drops Serious Boxing Knowledge!!! *MUST SEE*”

Bernard Hopkins Facts | Keep Your Body Clean

1. Keep The Body Clean

Keeping the body clean is a fact to keep in mind for sure when competing in Boxing. Hopkin’s point about this states how important it is to keep the body healthy if you want a long boxing career. What he talks about is mainly for the sport, but it applies to life.

Hopkins says most young boxers nowadays, after a competition, tend to drink & party. Drinking is okay once in a while for them. But those who have no control & end up getting addicted to the party life can end their career early.

Based on Healthline, they say a party & drinking lifestyle can affect the human digestive, immune, skeletal & muscle, circulatory, & central nervous systems.

These are all essential for boxers to keep clean because having a weakened system can cause a higher chance of physical injury during training or competition.

Everybody’s body may be different. But at the end of the day, alcohol still causes harm to the body that can either shorten a boxer’s career & life span. For a non-athlete would be only their life span.

To read more about the effects of alcohol, check out Healthline’s What are the effects of alcohol on the Body? article.

Bernard Hopkins Facts | Keep the Mind Clean

2. Keep the Mind Clean

Keeping the mind clean is also another fact that Hopkins has said is essential to keep in mind. Doing that consists of not getting addicted to the party life. Athletes or people who get involved in that tend to get intoxicated. Intoxication is terrible for both the body & mind.

If the party life were a weekly lifestyle for a boxer, the chances of getting injured would be higher. Once that happens, the chances of being out of training to heal could possibly be long.

Sometimes, it could be a short period. However, it is best to avoid any injuries from happening.

Bernard Hopkins Facts | Healthy Eating

3. Eat Healthy

Not only is keeping the body & mind clean essential, but Hopkins also mentioned eating the right foods as a part of his regime to achieve his goal of longevity.

As mentioned before, his point not only applies to a boxer. It also applies to non-athletes who just live a regular life.

One of the things that Bernard Hopkins mentioned in an interview was he avoided consuming in his body is soda drinks

To find out why, click here to direct yourself there to watch it.

4. Proper Rest & Recovery

Bernard Hopkins not only talked about eating well as a way to take care of your body. He also mentioned the importance of resting & going through proper recovery.

One of the things he mentioned he does to recover is sitting & relaxing in a hot tub. He clearly stated that he would even do it after his boxing fights. 

Soaking in a hot tube is one of the best methods to help the body recover. When doing so, you can manage your muscle aches, relieve your stress, improve your heart health, improve your sleep, & lower blood pressure.

The Health Essentials has an article about why people should be hot tubbing. To educate yourself more about the benefits, read Health Essentials “Benefits of Hot Tubs.”


As people get older, you start to feel a difference in how you feel both physically & mentally. If you’re an amateur & professional boxer, athlete, or just a regular individual aiming for longevity, following Bernard Hopkin’s four facts is essential.

The four facts are keeping both the mind & body clean, eating healthy, & taking proper rest. These facts sound easy to do. But in reality, people find it hard.

Another important fact Hopkins has said was meant for boxers to hear, which is nobody will tell you about the key to longevity because ” boxing is now 99% trainers, and 1 % or less teachers”. 

If you have any questions about Bernard Hopkin’s 4 Longevity Facts, leave a comment or send us a message.


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