Gym Drama | 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Involved

Gym Drama | 6 Reasons You Shouldn't Get involved

Gym drama is one of the dumbest things to get involved in within a mixed martial arts gym. Not all gyms have this happening within their environment. However, based on my experience over the years, I have witnessed different gyms that have had students & coaches that have problems with one another.

The issues they have are usually over something ridiculous. Therefore, always stay away from any drama that occurs within an MMA gym. If you ever get involved, it’s hard to get out because usually, people don’t want to admit who’s in the wrong. 

Since I have witnessed this a lot, it came to mind to share why it’s best to stay away from the drama that could happen at an MMA gym. Right now, I will be going into talking about the points why you got to.

1. It's Childish

Drama is indeed very childish! It is something that most human beings go through in high school & it would be a disappointment if you got yourself into that within a MMA gym.

It’s known to be immature being a part of the drama. Therefore, don’t be that person who gets into it just for the attention.

Gym Drama | MMA Guy Having Trouble Getting Out of Drama

2. It's Pointless

As mentioned, the issues that students & coaches have within a MMA gym are usually over something ridiculous. And when it’s over something that’s dumb, it also means it’s something so pointless getting mad at each other over about.

3. It's Unprofessional

When it comes down to martial arts, it is required for students & coaches to stick with the code of honor to remain professional. However, if you get involved in any drama within an MMA gym, it makes you look unprofessional. 

Therefore, don’t be that individual that ends up making yourself look bad over something dumb & dramatic.

4. It Hurts Your Identity

Getting into drama not only makes you look unprofessional but also can hurt your identity. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing students & coaches being mad at each other over a dramatic situation. 

So, the more the drama escalates to the point where others hear about it, the more you’ll see others being disappointed in you. And when you see people disappointed in you for not admitting you’re in the wrong, your identity will be damaged.

5. It's Hard to Get Out of

Once you’re a part of the drama, it becomes a difficult situation to get yourself out. The reason why is because the ego is involved & nobody wants to admit who’s in the wrong. 

Whenever this happens, the people involved will rarely come to a truce. So no matter what happens, keep yourself out of the drama!

Gym Drama | People Can Lose Their Trust in you

6. Others Can Lose There Trust in You

When people witness the drama that you get involved in at an MMA gym, there’s a possibility that other people can lose their trust in you. It all depends on who’s right & who’s wrong in those cases. 

Once others hear the story about who’s wrong, people will be keeping their distance from that person. So, no matter what you do, don’t get involved or start any drama. And remember to keep it real always!

Gym Drama | Disapointment


Gym drama within an MMA Gym is for sure something to avoid whenever you come across it. Never start or get involved in it because it’s the most childish, pointless, & unprofessional way of being mad at each other over about. 

Therefore, get away from it at all costs because it can destroy your identity. Plus, it’s hard to get out of since nobody likes to admit who’s in the wrong. So it’s not worth your time dealing with worthless drama. 

For it to end, whoever is in the wrong must step forward to settle the issue by talking it out. If nobody does this, the conflict will never be resolved.

If you have any more questions about why you shouldn’t get involved in gym drama in an MMA gym, please leave a comment or send us a message. 


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