Senses | 5 Martial Artists Sense From People at a Nightclub

In reality, people have different perspectives & senses on how they see people when out at a nightclub. Most who first go out to them in their early twenties will find it fun for a little while.

But once they reach their mid or late twenties, some will begin to get bored of it because it’s the same experience over & over. Not every young adult gets bored of it. 

However, the ones who are getting sick of it are due to a couple of reasons:

  1. They are tired of drinking. 
  2. They are tired of the drama around them. 
  3. Tired of the immature individuals around the environment. 
  4. Don’t miss seeing the dumb street fights that occur. 

Nightclubs can be fun or horrible since it depends on the type of crowd involved in the environment. Most people find that this particular crowd is intimidating to be around. The truth is, they are not as intimidating as you think. 

If you are a well-trained & experienced martial artist or fighter, you sense things that regular individuals do not when at a nightclub.

For those wondering what the senses a martial artist gets when being within this type of environment, you will find out in the next section, where we talk about the 5 of them.

Senses | Entitlement
1. Insecurities

When at a nightclub, the most common crowd you will see is the loud types that talk tough to prove their intimidation to the people around them. The ones who find people like this scary are usually regular people who do not have any martial arts experience.

However, to a martial artist, the loud one is somebody not to be feared. The way a martial artist sees a person that needs to talk tough is an insecure individual.

The reason why it is obvious is that it covers up the insecurities they are hiding. With discipline, people talk less & let actions speak for themselves.

2. Entitlement

At a nightclub, there is so much entitlement involved within the environment. In an environment of insecure individuals, it is bound for people to talk as if they are better than others around them. These types tend to believe they are like some superstar.

A martial artist in this environment can sense this right away from hearing individuals who either talk tough or try to make an impression on the people around them to gain attention and feel inherently deserving.

Most martial artists are not entitled because, in training, there is no sense in being that way. After all, your identity does not indicate that you are superior to others.

The minute you show entitlement in a martial arts gym, you will be humbled to find out that you are not so superior. Once going through a humbling experience, people will begin to see that they should treat others equally and with respect.

Going through humility is important for anybody who participates in martial arts. To read more about why, check out the Evolve Daily article “Here’s Why Humility is Important in Martial Arts” to build your knowledge more about the importance of humility.

3. Ego

Ego is another thing that martial artists sense when at a nightclub. Whenever someone shows off their identities to others, that is a sign that they crave attention. 

Most people crave it because they want to prove to others around the environment that they are somebody. 

Most martial artists dislike egocentric people because proving your identity is considered childish. In martial arts, the person to establish your identity is yourself.

Because the end of the day, people do not care who you are, which is essential to remain humble, and keeping your identity to yourself is the best way to go.

4. Arrogance

Not everybody you see at a nightclub is arrogant, but individuals with this personality are another trait martial artists can sense. Arrogance is identified much like how you recognize entitlement & ego.

The minute an individual talks as if they are inherently deserving & they are better than everyone around them, a martial artist already knows they are also arrogant. 

Some people think a person like this is a confident individual. But the truth is people who think this way have it all wrong. 

As stated from our article “9 Honest Truths People Discover From Learning Boxing”, Confidence is convincing your strengths by being fully aware & self-assured about yourself. Arrogance is a need to convince yourself & other people that you are somebody.

Senses | Immaturity
5. Immaturity

When going to a nightclub, the people in the environment would always have an immature crowd around. Every club has a different vibe & crowd, but most of the time, trouble tends to happen. 

When you’re a trained martial artist who has developed humble characteristics, you would typically laugh or shake your head when sensing the immature people around causing trouble. 

The four other senses mentioned earlier are all signs of immaturity. So martial artists can feel this right away after noticing signs of ego, entitlement, arrogance, & insecurities.

Senses | Conclusion

Going out to a nightclub can be a fun time to have when with your friends. But as time goes on, it gets boring, and you also get sick of being around the environment due to the foolishness that could happen. 

Typically when martial artists see & senses this type of behavior, they can already tell that there are insecurities, entitlement, ego, arrogance, & immaturity within some of the people around them. 

These characteristics are known to be unacceptable when brought to martial arts gyms, which is why most martial artists keep their mouths closed due to humbling experiences.

People who go through that experience tend to change a lot of them, which is for the better for them to learn and to develop their knowledge of the five senses.

People that are non-martial artists can also sense what a martial artist can, but not many can. 

If you have any more questions about the 5 Senses Martial Artists Feel at a Nightclub, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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