Improve in Boxing | 7 Simple Steps To Improve Your Boxing Style

There’s no secret fast formula to improve in boxing right away. The thing about training in this sport is that it takes small steps to reach certain levels. It’s the same thing in anything you do in life, whether you’re trying to make progress at work, school, & physical activities.

It’s all the same process of just simply putting in the hard work to advance. From my experience, it took me a while before I was able to gain a better flow in technique in my boxing style. When I first started, of course, everything starts out being a mess.

My rhythm, footwork, head movement, & technique were not in sync that well together. Ever since my coaches told me the simple steps, I made improvements from following their advice.

Since following it was beneficial, I want to share with you all what they are. My purpose in sharing this is so that you can improve just like how I was able to.

7 Simple Steps To Improve Your Boxing Style

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Boxing Style |

1. Be Consistent

If you want to improve, you got to stay consistent. Training four to five times a week is the best amount of time for you to put in if you want to see results. If you only train 2-3 times a week for an hour each day, your overall boxing style is half the result.

Professional & amateur boxers train 4-5 times a week because they need to keep improving to stay ready for competition. But if you’re doing it for fun & want to obtain the same results as a professional & amateur boxer, train as much as they do.

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Boxing Style | Practicing the Basics

2. Keep Practicing the Basics

My coach always tells me & my training partners this. “You’re never too good for basics.” It’s the truth because the basics of boxing are the foundation of everything you do. 

It’s the key to helping you advance in putting everything together so that your techniques flow. Once the basics all flow together, it becomes a beautiful art.

7 Simple Steps to Improve in Boxing | Listen to Your Coach

3. Listen To Your Coach

No matter what you do, check your ego out the door & always listen to your coach. The instructions & advice that he or she tells you about are experiences that they went through when they competed. 

So, they know the do’s & don’ts in boxing. Whatever they tell you is beneficial information that can help better your style, so it’s best to take note & practice what they teach.

7 Simple Steps to Improve in Boxing | Head Movement

4. Practice the Basic Head Movement Drills

Head movement is another technique that people don’t get good at after five training sessions. It takes numerous amounts of practice when drilling slips & rolls with a partner during class.

Practicing with a partner is more realistic, but you can also train it on your own by just slipping & rolling in a shadowboxing form.

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Boxing Style | Footwork

5. Work on Your Footwork

Like what coaches always say to me, “footwork is everything in Boxing.” It’s the truth because it’s the foundation of helping you advance & understand the different offense & defense sequences in the sport. 

So if you want to develop a slick offensive & defensive style in boxing, practicing footwork drills is the key.

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Boxing Style | Extra Bag Rounds

6. Do Extra Bag Rounds On Your Own Time

If you want to improve in boxing, put in the extra time to train & hit the bag for a couple of rounds. Doing this allows you to get the extra reps in, which helps with building that muscle memory. 

Techniques become natural from numerous repetitions, so doing this helps build rhythm & flow in your style.

7 Simple Steps to Improve in Boxing | Shadow Boxing

7. Do Extra Shadow Boxing Rounds

Besides hitting the bag, repping out the techniques you learned by shadowboxing is another way. Doing this is perfect for developing & putting your punching rhythm, footwork, head movement, reset time, defense, & speed altogether. 

So if you want all the techniques to flow nicely, remember to get those extra shadowboxing rounds in. 


When it comes to making improvements in boxing, it’s not the advanced fancy techniques that help people improve. It’s the time & commitment of training the basics that are key to developing your boxing style.

Listening to your coach is also essential because their advice is what helps you avoid performing incorrect moves in boxing. Putting extra time to train by yourself is great for developing your muscle memory, so getting the extra repetition in helps keep your overall technique sharp.

If you have any questions about the simple steps that helps improve your boxing style, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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