Boxing Footwork | 5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Learn About it First

The Importance of Boxing Footwork

In my personal opinion, I believe that when people start learning boxing, they should begin with learning footwork first. Footwork is considered a very important aspect of boxing. I remember when I first started boxing, I had terrible footwork. Practicing them might look like the simplest thing to do, but it’s not!

Since my footwork wasn’t good, nothing worked properly for me. The reason why is that I didn’t practice it enough. But as I made progress in consistently practicing it over the years, I felt a huge improvement in my overall boxing style. 

Since it was beneficial for me, I want to explain why footwork drills should be the first thing you learn in boxing.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Learn About Footwork First In Boxing

Boxing Mitt Work- Cleto Reyes

1. You Won’t Feel Lost

Without learning the footwork fundamentals, it can lead you to get lost when learning about boxing. I have experienced this myself during my very first boxing class. I got to say it feels humiliating at first, but once I got them down, everything begins to feel natural after. 

Footwork is everything in boxing! Without that, I found the methods I learned did not flow well with my style.

Boxing Footwork Helps you Advance

2. It Will Help You Progress Into Learning Other Techniques

When I got the footwork down, I was able to progress on learning other boxing techniques. There are numerous types of boxing techniques that I have learned that involved a lot of footwork. 

Which made me realized if I didn’t get the footwork down first, then I wouldn’t have been able to perform techniques properly at all.

3. It Helps You Set Up Your Punches

When I first started boxing, I remembered how sloppy my punching techniques were at that time. The reason why my punches weren’t working is that my footwork was off. But once my coach noticed that, he went into teaching me the basic footwork fundamentals to me. 

Once I became familiar with how to perform the footwork properly, I then went back into the punching techniques. When I got back into it, I felt a big difference in how my punches landed on the punching bag. 

It felt more direct because I was setting them up a lot better with the footwork I learned.

Boxing Footwork Helps you Understand Distance

4. It Helps You Understand About Distance

Before getting into boxing, I had a lack of understanding about covering distance. Learning about it took me a while to get a grasp on. However, once I got it down, I figured out what my punching range was. 

If I didn’t figure this out, I believe I would have had difficulties finding what my boxing style is.

Boxing Footwork Helps Find Your Style

5. It Guides You To Figure Out What Your Style Is

Speaking of boxing style, learning about footwork first has given me the ability to figure out what it was. I always thought my style was an in and out type of approach, but it turns out it wasn’t. 

There are so many different types of footwork drills that I had to learn, and I got to say the old school Mike Tyson drills was what helped me find my boxing style.


If you don’t have your footwork down for boxing, your progression is going to be slow. Without footwork, the rhythm & flow of everything that you learn is not going to be smooth. So if you want that fluidity, footwork is key to obtaining the five reasons mentioned in this article.

If you have anymore questions about why it’s important to learn about boxing footwork first, please leave a comment or send a message.


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