Ginger Tea | 4 Health & Recovery Benefits of Drinking it

Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea For Recovery

After a hard training session of whether it’s Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, & Strength & Conditioning, food & liquids is the answer to recovery. But have you ever tried having ginger tea? If you haven’t, you got to try it. This healthy beverage is simple to make & I recommend anybody to have it for recovering the body.

Ginger contains healthy compounds such as vitamin C, amino acids, & minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, sodium, & more. Having these compounds & minerals as a part of your diet makes for an excellent recovery when refueling the body.

Ginger Tea Preparation

How To Make Ginger Tea

  • Ginger root
  • Pot of Water
  • Honey (optional)
  1. Cut the ginger root into about 6-8 slices first. (Note: Doing this saves you a lot of ginger & saves you some trips to the grocery store).
  2. Add 2-3 cups of water to your pot.
  3. Add the slices of ginger into the pot of water.
  4. Begin boiling the ginger. 
  5. After you finish boiling it, it will be ready for you to drink.
  6. Adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey to your cup to mix with your ginger tea (optional).

Ever since I discovered the benefits of drinking ginger tea, I noticed a difference in how my body felt during recovery. Any martial arts training that you do can exhaust the body, & I want to talk to you all about why drinking ginger is beneficial.

4 Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea For Recovery

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1. Beneficial For Cardiovascular Health

Training in any martial arts discipline involves a high-intensity cardiovascular type of workout. Going through it helps you stay healthy & well-conditioned throughout life. Once you add ginger tea to your diet, it will help boost your recovery cardiovascular-wise. 

Based on Healthline, having ginger improves blood circulation to keep your heart healthy. A healthy cardiovascular system is so beneficial for martial arts because it gives you the endurance to last longer when training. 

Reasons Why Ginger Tea is the Best Recovery Drink | Relieves Muscle Soreness

2. Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness & Joint Problems

If you’re sore after practice or feel a bit of minor pain in your muscles & joints, drinking ginger tea can help relieve it. Ginger is an “anti-inflammatory” type of food, & on Healthline it mentioned it is excellent for treating any muscle soreness or cramps you may have. 

Reasons Why Ginger Tea is the Best Recovery Drink | Eases Migraines

3. Eases Migraines & Headaches

If you have any migraines & headaches throughout your day, research says drinking ginger tea will ease it. If you’re a martial artist that does rounds of boxing or kickboxing sparring, it’s a possibility that taking impact to the head can cause headaches. 

It all depends on how hard you’re going & also how defensive you are of avoiding strikes. Either way, if headaches end up turning up, make some ginger tea because it helps make it go away.

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4. Strengthens Immunity

The training you go through from martial arts & strength & conditioning for sure strengthens the immune system. But if you add ginger tea as a part of one of your daily beverages, you can support your immunity more. 

Enhancing your immune system more is essential because it helps prevent you from getting sick. If you want to avoid getting ill & not wanting to miss a day or week of training, add ginger tea to your diet.

Ginger tea


Ginger tea is for sure a recovery drink that I recommend for any martial artist to have after a hard training session. The healthy compounds contained within this drink helps with cardiovascular health, easing migraines or headaches, relieving pain or sore muscles, & strengthening immunity. 

Training can be exhausting for the human body. But when you add ginger tea to your diet, your recovery will be a game-changer.

If you have anymore questions about the benefits of drinking ginger tea, please leave a comment, or send us a message.


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