Sea Moss | Reasons Martial Artists Should Add To Their Diets

Sea Moss for Martial Artists

One of the best recovery foods to take after a hardcore training session would be sea moss. Another name for it would be Irish moss, which is a type of seaweed or algae that grows in waters within the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast between North America & Europe. 

Whenever you are looking to buy them, you’ll notice that they come in different colors (such as purple, yellow, red, black, green, & brown).

What people usually do with it is they would cook it & make it into a gel form. Once that is made, people can begin to either have a spoonful of it or mix it with something to drink or eat.

Since sea moss is not a well-known food or supplement for martial artists, the idea of wanting to explain why they should start adding it to their diets came to mind. There are 5 reasons why they should add it into their diets, which is going to be discussed about next.

Sea Moss Gel in Jars

Sea Moss | 5 Reasons Martial Artists Should Add to Their Diets

Sea Moss | Fast Recovery for Martial Artists

1. Faster Recovery

After a hardcore session of any martial arts training (Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc.), having a spoonful of sea moss gel for recovery is a great option. 

On the Health Essentials blog, it mentions that there are benefits behind in aiding muscle recovery because of the amino acids contained in it.

Sea Moss | Energy Boost for Martial Artists

2. Excellent Energy Booster

Before training, having sea moss is an excellent way to get an extra energy boost to last longer in training. All the nutrition facts provided in it are beneficial for helping you stay energized during any hard training session. 

If you are doing a hard striking & grappling session all in one day, having sea moss before training will help you overcome the hard session. Having it after is also good as well. So if you want to recover faster, having it is an option to feel refreshed for the next day.

3. Excellent Mood Enhancer

Not only does having sea moss before training an energy booster, but it’s also a mood enhancer.  On the Medical News Today, they have presented on their site mentioning that 6.3 mg of potassium is in sea moss. 

When having it daily, the herbal vineyards brand talked about how taking it can help with keeping potassium levels balanced. With balanced levels, it increases the happy hormones in your body. 

When that occurs, your positive mood throughout your training sessions will help you overcome & enjoy the learning in martial arts.

4. Good for your Immune System

Again on the Medical News Today blog, it mentions that sea moss is excellent for your overall Immune system & health. 

If you’re the type of martial artist that wants to avoid or treat any cold sickness that you may have, boosting your immune health by taking sea moss is a good option.

Sea Moss | Good with Post-Workout Smoothies

5. Excellent Mix With Post-Workout Smoothies

If you’re a martial artist that makes post-workout smoothies to have after training, we suggest adding sea moss along with it. Adding it gives it extra nutrients that you need to refuel your body to recover. 

Once added, the taste of your smoothie would taste exactly like how you made it & you can’t taste the sea moss at all.

Sea Moss | Conclusion


To recover your body faster, having sea moss is for sure recommended. When you continue the process of having it, you will notice a difference in your recovery, energy, mood, & immune health. 

Being fully recovered & energized are essential when it comes to martial arts. Without this, your training sessions won’t go as well. Getting sick can happen too. So the best thing to do is slim your chances of getting sick by boosting your immunity with sea moss. 

Missing out on training due to being sick is not fun. So lowering the chances of getting sick is a great option when adding this magical moss into your diet.

If you have any questions about reasons why martial artists should add sea moss to their diets, please leave us a comment or send us a message.


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