Giorgio & Armen Petrosyan | 5 Reasons to Attend Their Seminar

Giorgio & Armen Petrosyan hosts Muay Thai & Kickboxing seminars around the world that’s recommended for anybody to attend. Whenever you have the chance & they are hosting a seminar from whichever part of the world, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to go. 

Giorgio Petrosyan( also known as “the doctor”) is one of the top Muay Thai & kickboxers who have fought in organizations such as K-1Glory Kickboxing, Bellator Kickboxing, & One Championship

Giorgio’s brother Armen Petrosyan has also fought in Bellator Kickboxing & One Championship against the top fighters from the organizations.

Therefore both the Petrosyan brothers have a tremendous experience in the Muay Thai & Kickboxing world. So if you attend any of their seminars, you will learn awesome techniques that you can add to your style. 

Since the Petrosyan brother’s seminar is a fun & successful one, it came to the idea to share why you should participate.

1. Dutch Drills Are Involved

The dutch drills taught in this seminar are realistic & are excellent for applying to real-life fight scenarios. So learning from the Petrosyan brothers will give you the knowledge of what other dutch drill combos you can use to improve your overall style.

Since the dutch drill combos that both Giorgio & Armen teach are effective, we suggest writing them down on a piece of paper or notebook because there’s a lot to remember.

2. Situational Drills Are Involved

Situational drills are involved in the seminar as well & what they teach are realistic situations that they both experienced in their competitions in the ring. 

For Giorgio & Armen to pass down their knowledge of what they’ve been through in their fights can be effective for yourself to help prepare for what may happen in your competition.

So if you want to develop your knowledge of situational scenarios more, attending the Petrosyan brother’s seminar would be ideal.

3. You Learn Tricky Techniques

Both Giorgio & Armen also teaches tricky techniques in their seminar. So, once you learn it, you will leave with more knowledge of how to throw off an opponent in the competition.

Being tricky is a great asset to have as a part of your Muay Thai style, which causes a lot of frustration & confusion towards your opponent. 

Even though you have learned tricky techniques from the gym you train at, it doesn’t hurt to add on what both Giorgio & Armen teaches to your style.

4. You Learn More About Use of Angles

Using angles in Muay Thai & kickboxing is very effective for anybody’s style. Most Muay Thai & Kickboxing gyms will teach about it to their students. However, learning from Giorgio & Armen will help add more to your knowledge of how to use it.

The Petrosyan Brother’s knowledge about angles is pretty similar to most instructors. However, they do have some things they teach differently to create openings for effective offensive attacks. 

So if you’re curious about how they teach & use angles, participating in their seminar would be perfect.

5. They Both Point out Your Mistakes

Both Giorgio & Armen are not only setting up this seminar to teach to make money for themselves. They’re also arranging it because they want to share & pass on their teachings to today’s generation of martial artists & fighters. 

Therefore, they care about every student that attends their seminar. So their purpose is to help everybody fix any mistakes they make in their technique so they can improve & ascend.  

Giorgio & Armen Petrosyan Group Photo

Giorgio & Armen Petrosyan are not only phenomenal professional Muay Thai & Kickboxing fighters but also excellent instructors. 

The seminar they hosted was a phenomenal experience & it involved learning different dutch drills, the use of angles in Muay Thai, situational sequences, & tricky techniques.

Giorgio & Armen teach a lot of drills & situational sequences in their seminar, so learning all of them will help you become a better martial artist & competitive fighter.

So if you ever see an advertisement for their seminar posted on social media, we recommend that you participate because it’s fun & it’s an opportunity to learn from one of the top Muay Thai fighters across the globe.

If you have anymore questions about the reasons why you should attend Giorgio & Armen Petrosyan’s Seminar, Please send us a message or leave a comment.


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