Anxiety | 15 Types of Them That Muay Thai Eliminates

Muay Thai Helps Eliminate Anxiety

Whenever you’re experiencing anxiety throughout your day, it is one of the worst feelings ever for an individual to go through. I have experienced anxiety many times in my life & I hated it so much. 

Feeling stressed, nervous, afraid, & unconfident are things that make you feel down. Feeling down can happen because of a lot of things. But, I got to say you can not let anxiety put you down. Doing that only makes things worse! 

Therefore, you must find a way to train yourself on how to overcome the negativity. The best way to prepare yourself to overcome your anxiety would be to join a Muay Thai gym. Once you do, I guarantee that there will be no regrets about learning the art of 8 limbs. 

In life, there are different types of anxiety that individuals experience going through. Therefore, training in Muay Thai is the best medicine to eliminate them out of your thoughts.

The 15 Types of Anxiety That Muay Thai Helps Eliminate

Work Anxiety

1. Work Anxiety

If you are the type that has had a stressful or bad day at work, Muay Thai is the best exercise to get rid of your work anxiety. Lifting weights helps with work anxiety too, but in my opinion, training how to strike pads & punching bags gets rid of it faster. 

Landing punches, kicks, knees & elbows on Thai pads & punching bags feel more satisfying. When you feel this way, it feels as if your anxiety is leaving your mind.

2. Interview Anxiety

Waiting & thinking about your job interview is another one that can give people anxiety. All that comes to your mind is:

  • How you’re going to do?
  • Are you going to get the job?
  • What happens if you don’t get it?

Thinking about it stresses you out & all you want to do is get the interview done. If you go to your Muay Thai class, it gives you a moment to forget about the interview. 

Training is also a stress reliever. Therefore, your nerves start to calm down after a hardcore Muay Thai training session. You feel a boost in confidence after the session too, which gives you a positive mindset to do well in the interview.

Training Muay Thai to eliminate anxiety

3. Social Anxiety

Are you the type that has a fear of people watching & judging you for whatever you do? If you are, join a Muay Thai gym to help you overcome your social anxiety. Once you do, you’ll train yourself to develop the confidence to eliminate this phobia you have of feeling judged.

Muay Thai Bag Work to Eliminate Anxiety

4. Gym Anxiety

Gym anxiety is similar to social anxiety accept it involves you feeling judged by others based on your skill level. When you see someone at a higher level performing techniques that you can’t, it can be intimidating.

But, when you step into a Muay Thai gym, you are told by the instructor that you have to ditch your comparison. To improve yourself, you have to focus on yourself & not compare yourself to others. 

As you continue training, you realize that focusing on improving yourself is the key to eliminating your gym anxiety.

home anxiety

5. Home Anxiety

If you’re bored being at home doing the same activities over and over again, it can lead to anxiety. Home anxiety can lead to mental health issues, which is unhealthy for the mind. If you add Muay Thai as a daily training routine & lifestyle, your thoughts about home anxiety will be gone.

Training the art of 8 limbs is a never-ending process of learning. Therefore, you will always have something new to look forward to learning when going to training.

Food Anxiety

6. Food Anxiety

If you’re a person who is avoiding eating food because you’re stressed or have a fear of gaining weight, learning Muay Thai will help you eliminate this type of anxiety. Avoiding eating food is not healthy for you because, without food, your energy levels will be low since you’re not taking in your nutrients.

Therefore, taking Muay Thai would be one of the best suggestions. This type of martial arts style is a very high-intensity workout. So you’re burning numerous calories while moving & performing different striking combos with all eight limbs. 

Training like this helps you get over your food anxiety because, after an intense session, you start to feel hungry. And when you’re hungry, you want to eat lots to let your body recover.

relationship anxiety

7. Relationship Anxiety

Relationship Anxiety is another one that can bring out your fear & stress. Something awful happened between you & your significant other & now you’re scared about where your relationship is going. 

If you feel anxious or bothered about the situation you went through, let out all that anger, stress, & sadness by hitting pads in Muay Thai. Once all those negative feelings are out from training, your mind begins to calm down. 

With a composed mind, you can reflect & determine a solution better after practice to resolve the issue in your relationship.

8. Crush Anxiety

If you have a crush on somebody that makes you feel anxious just thinking, talking, & messaging that person, learning Muay Thai trains you to get over your crush anxiety. Training is a stress reliever for most people, & there’s no better feeling way than letting it out through hitting pads & punching bags.

texting anxiety

9. Texting Anxiety

Texting anxiety is one of the most annoying feeling you get when waiting for someone to reply. It becomes an issue, especially when you are spending hours on your phone waiting for a response. Spending hours on your phone like this becomes a mental health issue.

So, to get your mind off of the texts you sent, make Muay Thai training a routine or hobby. When you do this, your texting anxiety won’t matter as much to you after. Because once you let all that stress out from training, you feel replenished & you want to forget about the texting anxiety.

10. Social Media Anxiety

Spending a long time on social media can be an addiction. Once it becomes addictive, people can end up feeling depressed after a long period of usage. To avoid social media anxiety, Muay Thai is the perfect workout activity to get you out of the habit of staring at your phone. 

Muay Thai is a fun martial art to learn, which can help you get your mind off of what’s happening on social media.

11. Political Anxiety

Following politics can give most people anxiety too. The amount of news & information on the media can lead you to feel overwhelmed because there’s so much to know. What you hear in the media sometimes can make you mad, depressed, or stressed because it’s a possibility that the political decisions won’t live up to your expectations.

To get over political anxiety, take a break from the political news & replace it with training happily in Muay Thai practice. When you get lost momentarily while training happily, you are more at peace because all you think about is progressing yourself.

school anxiety

12. School Anxiety

For the people who are in school, the struggle is real when you have assignments, projects, & exams that you have to complete. School anxiety is another stressful thing an individual goes through because of the overwhelming workload involved.

You also have all these negative thoughts such as:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Failure
  • Devastation

To overcome these feelings, take a break from studying & go to Muay Thai practice. I guarantee after a high-intensity workout of practicing combinations, you’ll feel relieved & motivated to accomplish your schoolwork again.

13. Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking for work, school, or for any events can be awkward. When it comes to speaking in front of groups of people, you have this fear of not wanting to screw up your speech in front of them. 

To overcome your anxiety about public speaking, you need to develop confidence. To gain it, training the art of Muay Thai is yet again one of the answers. The art of 8 limbs is not only about self-defense, but it’s also about learning to believe in yourself. 

During the intense training, you will be in uncomfortable situations where you need to push yourself. The more you get used to being in those situations, your confidence will rise. Once it does, you’ll start to see how less anxious you are when it comes to public speaking.

nocturnal anxiety

14. Nocturnal Anxiety

Nocturnal anxiety is when you have suppressed feelings that you are holding before going to bed. When you go to bed feeling nervous or worried, it can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night or not being able to sleep.

Suppressing stressful feelings is not healthy, and you should let them out to avoid having insomnia. If talking about it doesn’t let your worries out, then get yourself into Muay Thai. 

Whenever you’re hitting bags & Thai Pads with kicks, punches, knees, & elbows, your suppressed feelings are out of your thoughts. Once they are released, you can sleep a lot better!

car accident anxiety

15. Car Accident Anxiety

Going through a car accident is another nerve-racking feeling you get right when it occurs. It’s even worse when you’re the one who is at fault. But, once the anxiety kicks in, the scrambled thoughts about the accident won’t leave until everything is solved.

If you want to calm your mind down, going to Muay Thai training will do the trick. You’ll still have thoughts about your car accident, but you’ll feel less anxious after letting out most of the stress through practice.

The 15 Types of Anxiety That Muay Thai Helps Eliminate​ | Training


Muay Thai is the best medicine for relieving or eliminating any of the 15 types of anxiety mentioned. If you have experienced any of these, let all that stress, anger, & fear out from learning how to strike & believe in yourself.

Learning to believe in yourself from Muay Thai is the key to overcoming anything in life. Once you have obtained this ability, it becomes a powerful tool for eliminating any anxiety you experience.

If you have anymore questions about how training Muay Thai helps eliminate the different types of anxiety, please leave a comment or send a message.


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