How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up

Dutch Kickboxing & Muay Thai is a great combination to learn & put together to strengthen your striking style. These two disciplines have their similarities & differences but combining them also teaches you to become a well-rounded striker. 

The difference between these two styles is that Muay Thai has a heavier emphasis on using all eight limbs together along with clinching, kneeing, sweeping, & elbowing. Dutch Kickboxing is more known for combining Western-style boxing to set up roundhouse kicks and knees.

Both Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing are two forceful striking styles & combining them not only helps you become a phenomenal stand-up artist but also a tough individual. 

Developing that toughness from these two styles I found was a great asset for me, which is why I want to talk about how Dutch Kickboxing & Muay Thai toughens you up.

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Taking Multiple Leg Kicks

1. Learning to Take Multiple Leg Kicks

When practicing Muay Thai or Dutch drills in kickboxing, you learn how to take multiple leg kicks while practicing combinations. Checking kicks is essential to learn how to block kicks too. 

But, if you want to toughen up the legs, getting used to absorbing impact is the way because it feels realistic. It mimics the feeling of what would happen in a competition too. So, conditioning the legs to get used to getting kicked helps prepare a person for that.

2. Helps You Develop Body Armor

The hard training that you go through in Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing can strengthen you physically. Therefore, combo drilling, clinch work, bag work, & pad drilling can help develop that body armor.

That body armor is an asset to build as you progress through learning both styles. The more you advance, the tougher you become of getting used to the hard training & striking contact.

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Clinch Grip Development

3. Strengthens Your Clinch Grip

Clinching is a Muay Thai-based technique, so the more you practice the clinch with a partner, the stronger your grip for it will become. With the development of having a solid clinch grip, it’ll make it harder for your partner to fight for a dominant position.

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Clinch

4. Strengthens Your Neck Muscles

When it comes to practicing the Muay Thai clinch with a partner, you’re not only developing your resistance grip for it. But also the strength of your neck muscles when resisting to prevent your partner from gaining a dominant clinch position. 

Your neck muscles can be sore the next day, but always remember to stretch them after practice to avoid feeling stiff.

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Mental Strength

5. Strengthens You Mentally

Since Dutch Kickboxing & Muay Thai training is a high-intensity type of training, it teaches you to strengthen yourself mentally. If your coach instructs you to do combo-building drills for a couple of rounds, it gets very exhausting! 

That exhaustion is what people need if they want to become mentally stronger. When you have moments where your mind tells you to give up, Kickboxing & Muay Thai training will teach you to ignore that & push yourself to your limit.

How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Shin conditioning

6. It Conditions the Shins

If you’re kicking punching bags, kick shields, & Thai pads, the strength of your shins will become more solid & conditioned. Checking kicks with shin guards on in Muay Thai is also another way of conditioning the shin bone.

Training all these may hurt at first. But, as you continue to practice all these in your Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing classes, it won’t hurt as much after because of 2 things:

  1. Deadening your nerves
  2. Developing micro-fractures to strengthen the shin bone
To find out more about shin conditioning, watch Shane Fazen’s “The Right Way to Condition Shins for Muay Thai” fightTIPS video. 
How Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing Toughens You Up | Pad Work

7. You Develop Explosive Hip Strength

When you’re consistently training any Muay Thai & kickboxing combos, you’re constantly working those hip muscles. The more you’re used to working your hips, the stronger your strikes will become when pad or bag drilling.

As you consistently continue to train, over time, you will notice a difference in power comparing to when you first started.


Both Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing may have their similarities & differences. However, training both can help strengthen you physically & mentally. 

The tough training you go through when practicing clinching, dutch drills, pad work, & bag drilling are ways to toughening yourself up. 

As you continue to progress, you develop unbelievable body armor, clinch resistance grip, neck strength, hip strength, & conditioned shins. Development of all these builds confidence within a person, which is essential for training & other aspects of life.

If you have any more questions about how Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing toughen you up, please leave a comment or send a message through our “Contact Us” page.