Kids Kung Fu | 8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn it

Kids Kung Fu

Kids who take part in learning Kung Fu can be so beneficial towards them. When I was a kid I was never really into doing martial arts not until when I was 13 years old. Not that there is any regret or anything that I should’ve started earlier. 

But, when I got into Kung fu and progressed over the years I started to see why it’s important towards kids. Kung fu is not only a type of art of self-defense, but it is also an art that teaches character, discipline, respect, benevolence, humble, and self-confidence.

At the Kung Fu School I used to train at from back in the day. I remember seeing a lot of kids from the youth class with different and similar types of personalities. Some kids were loud and rowdy, and some were very shy and quiet. 

But ever since these kids got into learning Kung Fu, I noticed a change in how they act and behave during class. For the loud and rowdy types, they went from being little brats to well-mannered individuals.

For the shy and quiet ones, they became more confident in themselves and became more outspoken. Thinking back to see how these types of kids have changed. It came to my mind of wanting to share the reasons why kids should take Kung Fu. 

There are 8 of them and I will be explaining what they are next.

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Kung Fu

1. It Keeps Them Active

I believe that Kung Fu is a great way to help kids of being able to stay active. Kung fu is a very good cardiovascular exercise because of the amount of movement that is involved. The punches and kicks that are involved in Kung fu forms are good for developing good cardio too. 

An improvement in their cardiovascular system from training in kung fu will benefit kids to last longer in doing other sports too.

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2. It Gives Them Time Away From Using Technology

From what I have observed in today‘s society, I noticed that a lot of kids these days don’t get out as much. Most of them now have iPads, iPods, & smartphones they use to play games and watch YouTube videos. These are all great things that can keep a child occupied. 

In my opinion, kids need to get out and do other activities. Why do I believe this? It’s because I feel they need to learn to be disciplined. I believe learning Kung Fu is one of the best options for kids to go forward on learning what it means to be disciplined. 

Without discipline how are they going to grow without knowing what hard work is all about.

Kids Standing Up to bullying

3. It Helps Them Stand Up To Bullies

This is one of the most common reasons why some kids go into martial arts. Bullying is one of the things that I despise the most because I got bullied when I was a kid. Bullies tend to look for kids with low self-confidence to pick on to make themselves feel good. 

But I got to say Kung fu will help build the confidence up for a kid to help stand up to bullies. Kids will learn about realistic scenarios on how to protect themselves from getting hurt. 

Once they are familiar with how to defend themselves, they will be confident enough on what to do when bullies confront them. 

4. It Allows Them To Build Up Their Social Skills

I have noticed that some kids can be shy and who don’t like to talk to anybody. But, whenever shy kids begin to know the other kids that they are training alongside. They begin to open up with them more. 

Once they open up, they begin to have more fun practicing with each other. Therefore, a friendship is created between these kids. 

Kids Kung Fu | Confidence

5. They Become More Disciplined

Teaching kids how to become more discipline is another important aspect of Kung Fu. Kids are not only learning how to defend themselves, but they are also there to learn a code of behavior. 

Learning that is known to be the Kung fu school’s rule and tradition, which is being:

  • Respectful 
  • Humble 
  • Benevolent
  • Self-disciplined 

With the code of behavior that was taught towards the kid’s class, I have noticed a change from lots of them. Most of them went from being loud and bratty kids to well behaved and respected individuals. 

How? It’s because if they ever disobeyed any of the rules, then they end up getting punished.

Way of Discipline

How my Kung fu teacher disciplined them back in the day was making them do a couple of laps of duck walks. The kids hated it so much! 

Ever since they went through that experience they never attempted disobeying the rules again.

6. They Learn To Never Interrupt

Interrupting the instructor is one of the most common things that new kids who first join do while a Kung fu lesson is going on. The new kids eventually learn that it is not right to interrupt the instructor. How? Again, through disciplinary punishment.

Another type of punishment that my Kung fu instructor used was making them sit in the Kung Fu Horse Stance for 3 minutes. It was not a fun experience for them at all. After going through that type of punishment, these kids have made a change in their behavior. 

Whatever the instructor was teaching during class they would from now on just observe & listen.

7. They Learn To Become More Confident In Themselves

For the shy type of kids that I have come across seeing in the kids Kung fu class. I saw a lot of them had a big boost in their confidence level. How I saw this was from how much they are advancing in learning new techniques that were taught to them. 

Once a kid starts to see the results that they are developing, they begin to believe in their abilities. They even go through discovering how much more they are capable of advancing in the Kung Fu program as well.

Kids Kung Fu | Listening Skills

8. They Become Better Listeners

Kids can become better listeners when learning Kung Fu. Since instructions are given to them, they are expected to listen and understand the purpose of what they are learning. With a development in becoming listeners they can apply it towards life. 

For example:

  • Listening better in school
  • Listening to their parents


As you can see, all the reasons stated in this article are what helps kids develop themselves. Kung Fu is one of the best disciplines for kids to not only learn about self-defence, but also developing character early. 

Therefore, the shy & rowdy type of kids can change in ways that will help them prepare themselves for life.

If you have anymore questions about why kids should learn Kung Fu, please feel free to leave a comment or send a message.


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