Kids | 23 Reasons Every Parent Need to Put Their Kids in Martial Arts

In my opinion, I believe that every parent should put their kids into martial arts. It doesn’t matter at what age they are. If they are kids, teenagers, young adults, still advise them to join. Every boy or girl is born with a different personality & also behaves differently. 

Some of them are quiet, kind & gentle, & some can be rowdy & obnoxious. Behind each of these personalities, there are pros & cons involved. When kids learn how to overcome & fix the cons, learning martial arts is one of the best options to find out how. Since I have experienced this process, learning martial arts was the best choice I have ever made. 

My parents put me into martial arts because they felt I needed discipline, & going through that has changed me in a big way! Not only have I went through a change, but there were other kids & young teenagers who I have met throughout my years of training who have as well. 

Because this is a positive impact, it gave me the idea to talk about why every parent should put their kids into martial arts.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Show Respect

1. Learning to Respect Others

Respect is essential for every boy or girl to learn about when taking martial arts. When you’re at a martial arts gym, everyone is equal! Therefore judging people is prohibited in the gym. 

A parent’s kid needs to learn this because, in society, it is crucial to show respect to the humble individuals you meet. Respect is the key to representing good citizenship & also a prime example to the kind people around you.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Self-Defence

2. Learning to Defend Themselves

When your kid first steps into a martial arts gym, one of the rules that he or she will learn is “protect yourself at all times”. If your kid is getting bullied in school or outside of it, they should join a martial arts gym to learn how to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, there will always be bullies that you come across in society. Once a boy or girl knows how to protect themselves, they will have the confidence to stand up to any bully that wants to confront them.

What are the Top Facts of Putting Kids in Martial Arts?

There are many top facts about why kids should be put into learning martial arts. Keep reading to find out & learn out more what they are.

Is Martial Arts Good for Kids?

On “The Karate Blog“, mentions the benefits of why Karate is a good style for kids to learn. Karate may be different compared to other martial arts styles. But there are benefits that are similar compared to other arts. Therefore, check out & read this blog to find out more.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Stand-Up to Intimidation

3. Learning to Overcome Intimidation

In society, a parent’s child will come across meeting bullies who appear intimidating. Some would dress like a hoodlum to make themselves look intimidating & also talk tough to scare them.

If your child takes martial arts, that fear of coming across these people is something they will learn to overcome. Once he knows how to defend himself, he will realize that intimidating looks mean absolutely nothing.

Another thing your child will also become aware of is bully’s who talk tough to scare someone shows insecurity

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Discipline

4. To Get Them Disciplined

When you’re at a martial arts gym, talking back & showing rude behavior is not allowed during training. If any of that happens, disciplinary actions will occur. When a parent’s child goes through any disciplinary actions, it scares them. 

Scaring them is a good thing because it’s a way for them to find out about the consequences they pay when showing unacceptable behavior.

5. Learning to Overcome Pain

For whatever martial art you take, there will be hard training days where it gets exhausting. For a parent’s kid to go through that, he or she will learn what it means to overcome the pain he gets when training hard. 

Once your child gains the ability to overcome it, the more confident they feel in tough challenges ahead of each training session.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Experience failure

6. To Experience Failure

Failing at something in a martial arts gym is a common thing that happens. Not everybody in the gym can perform & get techniques just like that after a lesson. They all have to go through the process of practicing it before getting it right. 

For a parent’s child to witness this, they will learn that failure is not a bad thing at all. Kids will see that failure is a way of learning & that remaining perfect gets them nowhere. 

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Self-Control

7. Learning Self-Control

Self-control is another huge trait that every parent”s kids should learn. For the parents who have a son or daughter that has a bad temper, martial arts is a great idea to put them in to learn how to control it. 

Everyone knows when you have no self-control of yourself, things will get out of hand. So once he or she learns how to strike or grapple, they will let out the stress & anger the right way. 

Losing his or her temper is a weakness in martial arts because it won’t help them improve. The reason for that is because uncontrolled thoughts are involved. 

Once your child can control their temper, his or her thoughts will be more balanced. A well-balanced mind is key to the advancement in any martial art. 

8. To Develop Patience

Patience is key to improving yourself in any martial art you take. Rushing does not because you don’t learn or progress properly. That is why in martial arts learning less is considered more, which is true! 

If your kids are the impatient type, let he or she train their patience through training martial arts. Once they go through it, they will experience both excitement & frustration. There will be days where they will be proud of their progress, & there will be days where they won’t be. 

But it’s all part of the process to test their patience.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Confidence

9. Build Self-Confidence

If your child has a low level of confidence, putting he or she in martial arts is the way to help them bring it up. I get it since I have been through the experience of not being so confident in myself. 

The process that your kid will go through to develop confidence can be many things. It can be from the discipline that he or she receives, practicing techniques, sparring, & hard days of training to find the ability to believe in themselves. 

When they go through challenging obstacles in training, their mindset begins to change. Once that happens, they can become more ambitious in overcoming challenges that he or she comes across during training & in life.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Taking Criticism

10. Learning To Take Criticism

Criticism can happen at a martial arts dojo or gym. However, it is an acceptable criticism that is coming from your coach. So whenever your kid is not performing at his best during practice, the coach will criticize he or she for how bad they looked during training. 

Criticism like this doesn’t mean to hurt their feelings, but to help improve themselves. It can be tough to hear, but for your child to improve him or herself, they need to get used to receiving some tough love.

Once they get used to this, they will begin to see criticism as a positive experience. Seeing the positive experience will allow a boy or girl to apply it not only towards training but also towards society.

11. To Break Down Ignorance

From my experience, training in martial arts has helped me with breaking down my ignorance. Having that broken-down is a good thing because it’s a humbling experience to let you know that you don’t know everything.

If you have kids who are arrogant & ignorant, the teachings of martial arts will cause them to see that the learning never ends.

12. Learning To Be Humble

Some parent’s kids, in my opinion, need to go through a humbling process. The reason why is because some of them are arrogant and have this belief that they are invincible. 

If you’re a parent who doesn’t like arrogance coming out from your child, humble them by letting them learn martial arts. Once they go through the training & sparring, they will find out that they do have vulnerabilities.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Have a Smaller Ego

13. Learn To Have A Smaller Ego

When your kid enters a martial arts gym, checking their ego out the door is a must. If you have an issue with your child being self-centered, putting him or her in martial arts is the way to give them an ego check. 

Your child’s ego does not matter in the gym because nobody cares what their title or identity is. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced student either because everyone is equal. As a result, your kids will realize that they are not better than anybody at the gym.

Once they go through the training, they will learn to listen & not ignore what the instructor teaches.

14. Overcoming Jealousy

If you have a problem with your kids having jealousy issues, martial arts can help them overcome that feeling. Jealousy is not allowed in a martial arts gym. 

Therefore, if he or she is jealous because someone is doing better than they are, then they will be advised that it’s wrong. 

To a martial arts instructor, jealousy is a foolish way to act when training in a gym. Therefore, it’s also known as a weakness, & showing that is not the way to be when in training.

That’s why in any martial art, there are people who are at different skill levels. When your child witnesses this, they will see that there is always somebody better than they are. So, there is no point in being jealous.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | discipline

15. To be Strong Physically

If your kid is insecure about being a weakling, letting him or her to learn martial arts can change that. Whether they are training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, & many other disciplines, the physical aspects of it will strengthen them.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Mental Strength

16. To be Strong Mentally

Martial arts is not only about strengthening the human body physically but also mentally. If your kid joins a martial arts gym or club, they will learn about strengthening the mind. During hard training days, those are the type of sessions that can test your child mentally. 

Those are the sessions that make him or her want to give up, but they will learn that it’s wrong. Therefore, your child will determine whether he or she can push through their limits or even go beyond them.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Conclusion

17. Learn About Teamwork

Teamwork is a must-have in any martial arts club or gym. When you put your child in a martial arts school, they will have the opportunity to create a team bond with others. 

Creating that bond is what will make them realize that teamwork is what builds trust towards one another.

18. To be Able to Meet People

When your kid steps into a martial arts club or gym, they will see people of different cultures who train with each other. Once the opportunity to meet & train with others comes, they will learn that everybody is no different. 

The team training & cultural bonding will create a friendship. Once that happens, being teammates & friends will give him the chance to communicate with others about their backgrounds.

19. To Stay Out of Trouble

If you have difficulties trying to stop your kid from being a trouble maker, put them in martial arts. The discipline that he or she receives from it will make them realize that being atrocious proves nothing in life. 

It has gotten me out of trouble for sure since I used to be bad myself. Therefore, martial arts have saved me from walking down the wrong path.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Being Assertive

20. To Be Assertive

If your child is the passive type of person, letting them build their confidence through martial arts can help bring out their assertive side. 

When your kid is practicing scenarios where he or she is learning to defend themselves, they can’t be passive while training it. 

To be successful in a self-defense scenario during training, they have to be assertive & be ready to stand up for themselves. Once it becomes a habit of being assertive while in practice, your child can apply it to other situations in life.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | Develop Resilience

21. Develop Resilience

When learning martial arts, developing resilience is required. Let’s say your kid is having a bad day. 

Do you want him or her to fold & give up on themselves because of that? Of course not! If you want your child to learn how to become resilient, martial arts is the answer to help them develop into one. 

Once he or she goes through a hard day of training, they will learn that quitting on themselves is not an option. In martial arts, it’s about getting back up & believing in yourself to change that negative energy into positive energy.

23 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Put Their Kids In Martial Arts | become a better person

22. To Become A Better Person

Most martial arts schools have their code of honor & behavior that they expect their students to follow during training. If you want your child to develop character, the martial arts code will help. 

Going through humbling experiences such as sparring can do the trick too. In most martial art schools or gyms, there will always be another arrogant kid. Those types that join usually humble up & realize what’s the point in being a bad example.

23. To Find Themselves

If you have a child who does not know who they are & what their capabilities are, martial arts can help them figure it out. One of the objectives of martial arts is to develop self-awareness. 

Developing that causes your kid to see what his strengths & weaknesses are. Once your child sees that, his or her journey to discover their characteristics & identity begins.


The self-defensive system & life lessons from martial arts are the most important things that kids should learn. Once kids learn the meaning of life & how to defend themselves, it becomes a powerful tool for them to carry for the rest of their lives. 

If you’re a parent and want your kids to grow up to be kind human beings, putting them in martial arts will teach them discipline, respect, physical & mental strength, confidence, & having a smaller ego. 

Every kid grows up with different personalities, but the martial arts code of honor will humble any child that steps into the club or gym.

If you have anymore questions in regards to why parents should put their kids in martial arts, please leave a comment or send a message 


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