Cancun | How A Trip to There Affects Your Conditioning

Cancun Trip Affects

We all know that Cancun is the place to let loose when you go there for vacation. I went there for a week with my buddies during May of 2019. I got to say I had lots of fun spending my vacation down there with them. We did a lot of fun activities and living life.

Once I got back from vacation, I went straight back into training the next day. When that happened, I noticed that all the drinking and partying took a toll on my conditioning. For every class in the first week of training, I felt sluggish & slow.

It was a horrible feeling, but eventually, I was able to regain the conditioning I had before I left for vacation. Since I had such a blast spending time in Cancun with my friends, I would like to share the things that we have done that affected my conditioning for MMA.

How A Trip To Cancun Can Affect Your Conditioning For MMA

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1. Too Much Tequila Can Affect Your Cardio

During my time in Cancun, my buddies and I had tequila for seven days straight. It was very disgusting! Whenever I had it, I felt my breathing was getting a little heavier. I do not have asthma or anything, but when I got back into training, my cardio was not the same as before. 

Whenever it came to boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and MMA conditioning sessions, I would get tired fast. It was a horrible feeling, but it was still an excellent way to get myself back into shape.

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2. Too Many Dos Equis Makes You Weaker

My buddies and I also had a ton of beer to drink during our time in Cancun. Our go-to beer from when we were there was Dos Equis. Since it was our go-to beer, my buddies and I would drink them at restaurants, bars, & on the beach.

We even had room service who would refill our fridge in our hotel room with some of them every day. However, the amount of Dos Equis I drank on the trip caused a depletion in my strength. How I realized I have gotten weaker was from wall wrestling rounds during MMA class. 

I was getting taken down effortlessly and was receiving lots of light ground and pound at the same time. I felt like a weak sitting duck experiencing this. After going through that, I knew that I had to work on getting stronger again. Feeling weak was not a satisfying feeling for me!

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3. Partying Takes Away Your Energy

It was a fun time partying in Cancun. My buddies & I had an absolute blast dancing & socializing when meeting new people at events we went to. However, doing that caused my level of energy to go down. The way I felt when I got back into training was not pleasant. 

My level of stamina did not feel the same as before. Usually, when I train, I feel like I can go for hours. Ever since I got back, I could not last as long as I used to. But eventually, I was able to maintain my level of energy back as I kept consistently training.

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4. Gaining Weight From Eating A lot Affects Your Cardio

The food was pretty good in Cancun. The hotel that I stayed at was the Riu Palace Peninsula. It is a 5-star hotel that had all kinds of restaurants there. The cool thing was everything was all-inclusive, and my buddies and I ate as much as we wanted to. 

The types of food that we ended up eating at the hotel were:

  • Western style breakfast brunch 
  • Italian food 
  • Japanese food 
  • Mexican food 

Having lots of food to eat was most definitely another way for us to enjoy life. But all the food we ate has caused me to gain a bit of weight. Even though I gained a bit of weight, it still became a factor affecting my cardio for MMA. 

When I got back into training, I can feel my body not getting used to carrying a bit of the extra weight. Whenever it came to sparring, I would get tired within 1 round. Before my trip, I was able to go at least up to 4-5 rounds without any issues. 

It sucked, but the good thing about this is that it made me train harder.

Getting Back Into Shape

When it was my first day back in training, I did a boxing conditioning circuit that consists of 8 exercises that had to be done for 1 minute each. 

The exercises involved are:

  • High Intensity Punching Bag Work 
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Duck walks
  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Medicine ball slams

Doing this circuit felt like a nightmare, especially when I had to do duck walks for a minute. I felt like my quadriceps were about to give out on me as I was doing them. 

After completing the circuit, my legs felt like Jell-O. I even had to lay down for a couple of minutes to recover.

Ever since experiencing the nightmare circuit from boxing class, I decided to not drink for at least a couple of months. Even though I felt like a complete waste when I got back into training, I eventually was able to regain my conditioning. 

It took about two weeks to gain it back. The results came from just staying consistent with training:

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Weight Training


As the months went by since my trip to Cancun, my conditioning has made some progression. I now have an unbelievable amount of energy! Now when it comes to doing any sorts of combat conditioning exercises, I don’t fatigue as fast. 

Getting back into training has given me more motivation to train. Why? It’s because I wanted to become a better version than I was before.

If you have any questions about how a trip to Cancun can affect your conditioning for MMA, please leave a comment or send a message.


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