Honest Truths | 9 Types People Discover From Learning Boxing

Honest Truths | 9 Types People Discover From Learning Boxing

In society, some people believe they know everything about themselves. The truth is, they either do or they don’t. In our opinions, most people don’t know the honest truths behind themselves.

Individuals like these tend to hide their weaknesses & would show or even lie to themselves that they are smarter & stronger than everybody around them. 

Some people see this as confidence. But in reality, it defines arrogance. Confidence is convincing your strengths by being fully aware of your weaknesses & how to address them. Arrogance is a need to convince yourself & other people that you are talented.

A lot of people in society mistake the difference between these two definitions. However, once a person gets into the art of learning boxing, they will learn very quickly about what confidence & arrogance truly is. 

Not only does a person discover the difference between that. They also become self-aware of other honest truths about themselves when going through hard training.

The beauty of learning boxing is that you can never lie to yourself. The more you lie to yourself, you will never improve in the sport or life. The honest truths exposed in this sport are crucial lessons for anybody. Since they are so important, we are sharing why they are.

Honest Truths | Will Always be More Skillful/Experienced Than You

1. There’s Always Somebody More Skillful/Experienced Than You

In society, there are people out there who bring their egos in the gym as if they are better than everyone. When you are in a boxing gym, you’ll learn very quickly to never bring that with you. 

Every session humbles a person, & most people realize that there will always be someone better than themselves. 

The reason for that is due to different styles, level of experience, consistency, & dedication to hard training. The cycle of this process never ends, which is why there will always be someone better.

Honest Truths | Never to good For Basics

2. You’re Never too Good for Basics

Some people who train in boxing believe they have mastered the basics after learning for a day, a few weeks, months, or even years. The reason why some have that mentality is that they see basics as something simple. 

The truth is, it is not as simple as you think. The basics are the foundation of boxing! If people are not consistent with working the basics, they can get sloppy with their techniques which happens to a lot of people!

If you are new & want a break down of what the basics are, give Expert Boxing‘s blog article a read known as The Beginner’s Guide to Boxing.

3. You’ll Always Have Weaknesses

When people realize that boxing is a never-ending learning process, it will cause them to see that they will always have weaknesses in their game. Since everybody has a different style in this sport, it will cause people to see which boxing style they are vulnerable against.

Weaknesses are not negativity because being aware of them leads to improvement. Once the weaknesses are adjusted, it becomes a strength because of learning to be honest with protecting yourself. 

4. You’re Not Good At Everything

In life, some individuals believe they are good at everything they do. When learning the art of boxing, they discover some things they are good at & some they are not. 

Exposure to what you are atrocious at is humbling & is all part of the process of achieving progression.

Honest Truths | Be Humble at All Times

5. Be Humble at All Times

Boxing teaches a person how to be humble. In the sport, the minute a person gets arrogant, the more likely they will get caught because of stupid cocky bad habits developed. 

Being arrogant does not keep a person honest & getting caught is part of the game. Once a person realizes not to be like that, they begin to see that they must remain humble to prevent themselves from getting hurt.

Boxing is a sport that you should never joke around & be cocky about because once you get hurt, you will face a lot of regrets.

6. You're Not Perfect All the Time

Even though you practice techniques over & over, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be perfect all the time. The other truth is everybody makes small mistakes. 

It is not necessarily bad since it’s the way to adjust & correct yourself. Correcting develops self-awareness, which is an essential skill to have in boxing.

7. Learning to be Uncomfortable to Improve

To make improvements in boxing, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone to be able to do so.

You will not progress too far into the sport whenever you stay in your comfort zone. Boxing is about being willing to learn techniques you are not good at & turn them into a strength.

Honest Truths | Progress Comes with Time

8. Progress Comes With Practice & Time

Boxing is not about immediate progress. It’s about patience & putting in the time to train to obtain progression. 

Some people expect fast results in this sport. The truth is, you don’t. The discipline taught in boxing will teach a person that results come with constant hard work. And over time, the progression shows after developing in small steps.

9. Results Are Never Easily Given

Whatever your goals are in boxing (losing weight, improving footwork & rhythm, boosting confidence, developing clean punching techniques, etc.), the results from the sport are never easily given to you.

They are all part of a process of developing patiently. To achieve the results, you got to be patient & trust the process. Training hard is part of it too. So, never expect fast results.

The day-by-day sessions involve a lot of blood, sweat, & tears to achieve the results you want. If you’re not willing to put in the work & expect things to be handed to you, then boxing will tell you that there’s no such thing as easy results!

Honest Truths | Boxing Conclusion


The 9 honest truths you discover from learning in boxing are a beautiful process to see. However, some people see it as an ugly process because they are not perfect in the sport.

In life, people who find out the truth about themselves through boxing will either quit or stay because they see it as a way to excel.

Finding out the truth hurts, but when a person respects it, that is the person that will be able to excel in the sport & life.

If you have any more questions about the 9 honest truths you discover from learning boxing, please leave a comment or send us a message. 


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