Long Time off | What Happens When Martial Artists Do This?

Taking a long time off from martial arts can be a regretful move for most people who train in it. Life can get busy most of the time, which is understandable. But as time goes by, people will begin to feel empty without having martial arts part of their lives. 

A long time off can cause a martial artist to feel not as happy as they once were, & as well as seeing their flow of technique go out the window. Going through this can be rough. But, stepping back into it can help bring it all back.

Regaining what you once had is a fantastic feeling. But on this topic, I want to talk about what happens to martial artists when they take a long time off. There are 6 points that I’ll be covering, which I will be going to mention to you all next. 

Long Time off | Confidence Drops

1. Confidence Drops

Every type of martial art ( Muay ThaiBoxingMMABrazilian Jiu-JitsuWrestlingTaekwondo, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, etc.) teaches people about building confidence. Once that is developed, it becomes a powerful asset to apply to your daily life. 

But once you take a long break from training, your confidence can drop. It doesn’t apply to everybody, but it could happen.

2. You Don't Feel as Lively

Since training martial arts helps enhance your mood, stepping away from it for a while makes you feel different. Martial arts can be an addicting activity to get into, & taking time away from it makes you feel like something is missing in your life. 

Therefore, you feel as if you’re not as happy as you were when you were training.

3. Stamina Level Drops

Stepping away from martial arts training for a long time can cause your stamina levels to drop. Most martial arts are a high-intensity type of physical activity, so it develops unbelievable cardio for people. 

But when a martial artist is inactive & not keeping up with any cardiovascular-related workouts, you don’t feel in shape.

Long Time off | Timing

4. Technique Gets Rusty

There’s a saying, “if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it,” which tends to happen when you take a long time off from training martial arts. You’re not going to forget everything you learned in training. 

Some techniques you developed are still a part of your knowledge, but it’s just the timing & use of it that feels rusty.

5. Timing is off

Timing is one of the hardest things to get a grasp on in martial arts. Once you obtain it, it’s a great asset to have because you’re using the intelligence of when to use techniques. Getting the timing down may be a powerful asset. 

However, when you take time off & don’t train at all, your timing will get rusty. When that occurs, your lack of timing will cause yourself to get caught with a strike.

Long Time off | Wreckless Speed

6. Speed is Wreckless

Usually, when a martial artist consistently trains, they have exceptional control of their speed. However, that control of speed can end up getting wreckless after a long period away from training.

When that happens, the flow of techniques isn’t smooth because the stance & footwork is not flowing well. To regain that perfect control of speed, re-training the basics of footwork again will help.


As you can see, people who take a long time away from martial arts feel empty, unhappy, & not as confident in life. Once a martial artist begins to feel this way, they know that getting back into training to regain their confidence is the answer. 

Taking a step away also causes martial artists to feel like they’re out of practice. So deciding to go back to training will help them regain fluent form & technique. 

Once a martial artist regains all the things they once had when previously training, their overall self-esteem rises back up. An uprise of that is a powerful asset to have to help with overcoming anything in life.

If you have anymore questions about what happens when a martial artist takes a long time off from training, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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