RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts | 7 Reasons to Purchase

If you never came across using these RDX T1 curved focus mitts, these are a pair that you got to get. The design of it is well made & it matches up in quality with other good brands. Therefore, it’s excellent to use for any striking discipline in martial arts.

The RDX T1s are also suitable for coaches to use for 1-on-1 personal training sessions too, so I for sure recommend them. To go in further in detail about these focus mitts, I will now be explaining why these RDX T1s are worth getting.

RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts (Front)

1. Strong & Supportive Padding

The padding manufactured in the RDX T1s is strong & provides excellent support to protect your hands from the impacts of a strong punch, kick, knee, & elbow strikes. 

Therefore, these RDX’s are marvelous to use for any martial art striking discipline ( BoxingMuay Thai & KickboxingMMATaekwondoKung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, etc).

RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts | Velcro Strap

2. Stays in Place

The velcro strap designed on these focus mitts is handy for helping it stay in place on your hand. Most hand pads made from other brands don’t have this velcro design because it’s too time-consuming when putting them on. 

But, it’s still useful if you want to avoid a scenario where the striker punches the pad & flies off your hand.

3. Excellent to Hold for Professional Competitors

Since professional combat competitors have a different level of punching & kicking power, the focus mitts can withstand the impact they deliver because of the thick padding designed in it. 

Therefore, strong & supportive padding designed on these RDX T1s won’t wear out that easily from powerful strikes a professional combat competitor performs.

4. Excellent to Hold for Heavyweights

When partnering up with a training partner who is a heavyweight, these RDX hand pads have good enough support to withstand the power they perform in their strikes. 

Heavyweights have a different level of striking power! Therefore, the thick padding on these is perfect for them to hit & provides enough protection for yourself.

5. Excellent Kicks, Elbows & Knee Impact Absorption

Kicks, elbows & knees are best to be performed on Thai pads when training in Muay Thai & Kickboxing. However, the RDX T1s is strong enough to withstand the impact of these strong strikes. So, it’s still suitable for Muay Thai & Kickboxing classes.

RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts | Affordable

6. They're Affordable

Not only are these hand pads designed with good quality, but also affordable. On the RDX sports website, the T1 focus mitts are $34.99, which is cheaper than other brands. Other brands are usually around the price of $70-$190

So, if you want affordable focus mitts and provides strong support, the RDX T1s are the perfect kind to get.

RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts

7. They Are as Good as High-Quality Brands

Other brands that make excellent hand pads for martial arts training are:

These brands are all amazing, but The RDX T1s works just as well as because of the strong quality from it. So, if you want a pair that matches the quality of the other brands and is affordable, these RDX T1s are the perfect pair to get.


The RDX T1 focus mitts are an excellent pair of hand pads that are strong, protective, affordable, and can withstand heavy striking impact from professional combat competitors & hard hitters. 

So if you want to buy a pair of your own, I highly recommend these for anybody to get to use for any striking martial art discipline.

If you have any more questions about the “RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts”, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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