Skipping | 7 Benefits | For Improving in Boxing & Muay Thai

The 7 Benefits of How Skipping Improves Performance In Boxing & Muay Thai

Skipping is one of the best exercises to do when training in both Boxing & Muay Thai. When you’re consistent with this exercise during training, you will see the benefits behind it. It was a game-changer for me when I stayed consistent with this exercise.

What I have developed from it has caused an improvement in my performance in Boxing & Muay Thai, which felt awesome. With the positive outcome that I got out of skipping, I would like to share with you all what the benefits are.

The 7 Benefits of How Skipping Improves Performance in Boxing & Muay Thai

cardio for skipping

1. Boosts Cardiovascular Performance

When you’re training in Boxing & Muay Thai, having an energetic cardiovascular system is essential. If you want to improve your cardio, skipping is one of the best ways to give that boost you need. 

The training in both Boxing & Muay Thai is a heavy cardiovascular base, so if you want to last longer, skipping can also help with that.

Light Feet for skipping

2. Develops Light Feet

Whenever you’re in training, it is critical to stay light on your feet while being in your Boxing or Muay Thai stance. Being heavy on your feet is not a good option because you’re sacrificing your speed to dodge punches & kicks. 

Therefore, learning to stay light & on the balls of your feet is the way. If you have a bad habit of being heavy-footed in both styles, skipping is the perfect way to change that.

3. Improves Footwork

Besides developing yourself to be light on your feet, you can also work on your footwork while skipping. There are some skipping footwork drills that you can practice, which helps you stay evasive while in your Boxing or Muay Thai stance

With a combination of skipping & training both Boxing & Muay Thai footwork, you develop an elusive movement for dodging & setting up both offensive & defensive attacks.

Skipping speed & rhythm

4. Develops Rhythm

When you are skipping, the sound of the rope allows you to work on your rhythm. If you want a smooth skipping technique, using your hearing & your footwork together is the key. It’s very much like dancing because you are following along with the beat of the music. 

Once you have gotten the hang of developing the rhythm from skipping, you can apply it to your Boxing & Muay Thai footwork. Having good footwork is all about rhythm & flow while moving. The same thing goes with hitting the punching bag & focus mitts with a partner. 

If you want your striking combinations to flow smoothly, it’s all about listening to the sound of the impact & using your footwork to follow along. On the Expert Boxing blog, they mentioned that skipping mimics the “fight rhythm”, which is the truth.

Skipping cardio for Muay Thai

5. Improves Breathing

Skipping also allows you to practice your breathing while moving & pacing yourself. Working on your overall breathing is very important for Boxing & Muay Thai because it helps you recover between technique drilling time. 

Developing your breathing also gives you the ability to last longer during sparring sessions as well. The more you practice your breathing while skipping, the more you get used to being able to control your heart rate as well.

If you have uncontrolled breathing, it can lead to fatigue real fast, which you don’t want.

Skipping Focus For Muay Thai

6. Improves Focusing Ability

Since you’re working your mind & body, skipping can help improve your ability to focus better in Boxing & Muay Thai. To have a smooth rhythm of skipping, staying calm & focused is the way to be. 

The same thing applies when you are practicing boxing or Muay Thai combination drills with a partner. If you build the habit of staying focus while skipping, you will develop a calm mind to perform fluid striking combos.

Skipping Conditioning

7. Conditions Leg Muscles

Another benefit that skipping brings is strengthening & conditioning your legs for Boxing & Muay Thai. Developing lower body strength & endurance is excellent for both styles because generating power for punching comes from the legs & the hips. 

The same thing goes for kicking & kneeing in Muay Thai. The more you build up your endurance from skipping, the longer you can last when kicking & kneeing pads with strong power.


You can never doubt the performance benefits skipping brings to both your Boxing & Muay Thai style. Once you stay consistent with it, you’ll notice your cardio, footwork, rhythm, focusing ability, & conditioning performance enhance. 

Developing all these benefits is essential for both styles. So, once you have all of them, your overall technique will flow smoothly like a professional competitor.

If you have anymore questions about the skipping benefits for Boxing & Muay Thai/Kickboxing, please leave a comment or send a message


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