5 Boxing Bag Exercises to Enhance the Cardiovascular System (2019)

Boxing Bag Exercises For Cardio

Whenever it comes to a day of where I am doing a boxing conditioning class, I would sweat like crazy! I usually do a routine of where I had to do five 5 boxing bag exercises to build up my stamina. 

For each of these punching exercises, I had to do it for a minute each for three rounds. After each round, I had a 1-minute rest to catch my breath before carrying on doing another round. The routine that I did is listed below.

This type of exercise routine feels like hell for me, but I love it at the same time! Doing this gives me the mentality to push myself to keep on going without stopping. 

5 Boxing Bag Exercises Circuit:

3 X 5 Minute Rounds of: 

  1. Straight Punches 
  2. Power Hooks 
  3. Power Uppercuts
  4. Sprints
  5. Power Punches

5 Boxing Bag Exercises That Improves Cardio in 2019

Boxing Bag Exercises - Straight Punches

1. Straight Punches

For this type of exercise, I find it to be one of the most difficult to do. The reason why is because of how you are alternating throwing straight punches while keeping the punching bag tilted. My objective is to prevent it from straightening back into its original position.

If the bag comes back to its original place, my coach told me that I am losing the battle against the bag. My shoulders feel like they are on fire every time I do this type of drill. But the good thing about it is that it teaches me don’t give up! 

My shoulders are burning, but I learned to keep on going before the timer reaches zero.

2. Power Hooks

Going all out on throwing the power hooks is one of my favorites during boxing conditioning days. The reason why I like this is that I like how it gets my heart rate going. Within a minute of throwing everything I got into my left and right hooks, I can feel my body getting tired. 

The hook punches that I throw is a mix of hitting upstairs and downstairs. Another thing I make sure I do is that I throw the hooks with proper technique.

Boxing Bag Exercises- Lead Uppecut

3. Power Uppercuts

Throwing power uppercuts is best to be done on the water bag, uppercut bag, or the wall mount bag. On a regular punching bag, I found the angle of performing the uppercuts a little weird. This power punching exercise drill is another one that I like to do! 

I love how it involves using head movement to practice slipping punches along with throwing full power uppercuts. Again, this drill is also very tiring!

Boxing Bag Exercises- Sprint Punches

4. Sprints

Sprints are another killer exercise towards burning those shoulders, but this one also involves working the legs as well. While in my boxing stance, I would throw alternating straight punches at the bag at a fast pace. 

I am also moving my legs in a quick feet motion while throwing my straight punches as well. During my time doing this, I felt my shoulders and calves burning like crazy! What I do to push through would be to breathe out.

Boxing Bag Exercises- Power Hooks

5. Power Punches (Anything Goes)

For this type of drill, anything goes. It means hitting the bag with techniques that you know with full power. I like this exercise drill because it gives me the ability to be creative by throwing different types of combos. 

Once again, this is another type of exercise drill that gets me gassed. After going through this drill several times, it made me realize that it’s excellent for learning how to stay focused on throwing proper technique while fatigued.

Boxing Bag Exercise Reminder- Hands Up

Reminder: Hands Up

Keep your hands up at all times while doing all five bag drills is extremely important. If you don’t have them up to protect your face, you will create a bad habit for yourself to get hit easily during sparring.

I like how all of them have taught me to be more aware of keeping my hands up. Whenever I am fatigued, I noticed that my hands tend to drop every time. Dropping them is a big no when it comes to boxing! 

Dropping my hands was a terrible habit of mine from when I first started boxing. After getting hit in sparring, I always learned very quickly that I must be ready to bring them up to protect myself every time!


If you want to improve your cardiovascular performance for boxing in 2019, you got to try all 5 of the boxing exercises that we have provided on this article. To obtain results, you got to train these exercises consistently if you want that long lasting cardio. 

Not only is your conditioning going to skyrocket, but your overall technique is going to improve as well. But remember, no matter how tired you are from doing this routine, always keep your hands up at all times!

If you have anymore questions about what other boxing bag exercises to do for cardio, please leave a comment or send a message.


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