How Martial Arts Teaches You To Not Look Down On Others

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One of the biggest things that martial arts has taught me was to never look down on others! When I see people looking down at others who are below them, I feel disappointed. Especially when they talk about how big of an ego they have and think that they are better than them. 

Having a big ego can mean anything. For example: 

  • You have a top position for your career
  • Owning lots of money
  • Owning luxurious items 
  • Top athlete of the year

These are all amazing accomplishments. However, when you let that change the way you think of seeing other people who have less. Then I am telling you it is wrong to see it that way! 

When I was a young teen, I use to see some people that way, but man was it humbling to find out the hard way as to why I shouldn’t be.

I found that it is always best to stay humble and see everyone as equal in society, and martial arts was what changed my perspective. Based on this experience, I want to share how martial arts has taught me to not look down on anybody.

How Martial Arts Teaches You To Not Look Down On Others

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1. You Realize That Anybody Can Surpass You

This is one of the things you will see when you are training at a martial arts gym. I saw this myself during my time training in martial arts over the years. In a martial arts gym, everyone all comes from different backgrounds.

Different backgrounds such as:

  • Rich lifestyle
  • Average lifestyle
  • Broke lifestyle

When I got to know people from the gym and got to know what their backgrounds were, I noticed that none of that matters in training. When you’re in the gym, everyone is equal. We are all there learning to help each other better ourselves.

Everyone in the gym is all at different levels, and I got to say that a big ego doesn’t define that you are above everyone in the gym.

Real life Example

To prove my point about this, I have a friend who’s a broke student studying in post-secondary school and is one talented boxer. He is a humble & down to earth person too & has put in the time to train hard. Doing that has caused himself to surpass some of the advanced students. Therefore, your ego and high status mean nothing in the gym.

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2. You Realize That There Are Others Who Learn Faster Than You

Everyone has a different pace of learning technique. Some are slower learners, and some are really fast learners. Back in my teenage years of taking Kung Fu, I was jealous of how an 11-year-old kid at the time was almost catching up to my level.

It was frustrating to see a kid who was a lot younger than I was almost catching up to me. In my mind, I was like how can a kid below my level do this. One day, I realized how thinking that way makes me look immature! 

The Result of Seeing Your Own Immaturity

After seeing my immaturity, I found it very humbling that anybody can catch up and learn faster than one another. Yes, even a kid can catch up! Seeing a kid catching up to me has caused me to recognize how dedicated he was of wanting to improve.

His dedication also inspired me to improve myself. Improving my skills is not about competing to be better than the kid. The competition I have is against myself.

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3. You Realize That Others Can Train Just As Hard As You Do

Back in my immature teenage years, I recognized that it doesn’t matter how big your ego is that defines how good you are. It’s all about hard work & dedication that does! For every training session, everyone in the gym must give it everything they got.

With the multiple backgrounds that are within the gym, I have noticed that people below me trained just as hard as I did. Some even trained harder than I did, which was very humbling to see. 

The work ethic coming out from these individuals inspired me. Being inspired caused a change in my perspective of how I see them, which made me want to work with them as a team.


In life, it is wrong to look down on others based on what their status is. Based on this article, the point is that training in martial arts is what causes you to realize this. The discipline & the lessons from it are humbling & you feel thankful for seeing that everyone is no different from yourself.

If you have any more questions about how martial arts can teach you to not look down on others , please leave a comment or send a message.


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