Angry Cooks | 3 Ways to Stand Up to Them


Research says that one of the cons of being a cook or chef is how stressful of a job it is. I never liked working with chefs and cooks from back in the day. A lot of them deal with a lot of stress and frustration on a day to day basis.

Trust me, from my experience I know how frustrating they get whenever they make mistakes while making food.

Whenever that happens, they would take all their anger out towards all the staff members. Some of them would even yell at their staff members because they feel good about themselves for doing it. 

With the amount of yelling going on day by day, the staff members hated going into work. I have noticed how they can’t take the amount of criticism they get from these types of cooks. I, on the other hand, knew how to deal with them.

If it weren’t for the development of confidence of training in MMA I would have wound up like the other staff members. So, now I would like to share the 3 ways of how training in MMA has helped me stand up to angry cooks.

Angry Cooks | 3 Ways Having an MMA Background Helps You Stand Up To Them

3 Ways of How Training In MMA Helps You Stand Up To Angry Cooks​ | Self-control

1. Having Good Self-Control When Cooks Yell at You

In the restaurant that I was working at most of the cooks that were working in the kitchen were disrespectful people. They would say a lot of hurtful things towards the other employees.

When I was a food runner from back in the day there were cooks, I worked with who would yell at me for not being fast enough to take out food orders. I was going as fast as I could though since I was the only food runner working on that one busy day.

Even though I would tell them back that I am going as fast as I could they would ignore me. The fact that they were yelling at me didn’t bother me though. There were at times where I want to curse back at the cooks, but I knew that just shows weakness towards them. 

How Self-Control From MMA Applies

Training in MMA taught me 2 things:

These lessons came from MMA sparring. Getting hit in sparring has brought me the benefit of controlling my anger because the angrier I get, the more I get hit. When I am relaxed and calm, the less I get hit. The same concept applies when you work with disrespectful cooks. 

If you let the cooks yelling get to you then you won’t be able to focus completing your job duties. But, if you have good self-control, then you will have better concentration to accomplish tasks.

3 Ways of How Training In MMA Helps You Stand Up To Angry Cooks​ | Confidence

2. Confidence

From where I worked, the head chef that ran the kitchen was an arrogant disrespectful individual too. I’m pretty sure most restaurant businesses have had these types of chefs. Anyways, this chef that I used to work with was the type of person who likes to yell at his workers.

He treats them like they are a bunch of slaves too just to show his power to everyone. There was a point in time where he and I had an altercation with each other. 

Standing Up to Angry Chef Story

The reason why is because he told me to do something that wasn’t part of my job. So, I refused his request. He took it very personally when I refused. So, he figured yelling at me would do the trick to scare me into doing his work duty. 

However, I did not let him take any advantage over me. 

So, I stood up to him and showed him a serious look to show that I wasn’t afraid of him. When I did that he got scared and immediately backed away from me. As a way of apologizing to me, he told one of his workers to get a bottle of water for me. 

I found it hilarious when that happened. Ever since I stood up to him, he never attempted to bother me again.

3 Ways of How Training In MMA Helps You Stand Up To Angry Cooks​ | Standing Up to Intimidation

3. Standing Up To Intimidating Cooks

Back then, intimidation was common. The cooks and chefs I knew back then also liked using their power to intimidate the workers. Whenever mistakes are made within the kitchen, the other workers would be afraid to approach and tell them about what has gone wrong.

Once they tell them they would get mad and yell at them for it. Whenever I made mistakes on food orders, I wasn’t afraid to approach the cooks and chefs to tell them about it. 

MMA has taught me to deal with not being afraid of people who like to intimidate people, which is why I’m not scared of the cooks I used to work with. 

Benefits of Training With Intimidating Training Partners

How I gained this characteristic was through training with my training partners who appear intimidating. 

They are strong and talented too, which scared me at first. But the more I trained with them, the stronger I became. I also realized that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to training with them. 

They appear intimidating, but they are humble individuals just like me. With the development of this type of characteristic, I was able to apply it to my job at the time. 

Whenever it came to work with the cooks and chefs who intimidate other workers, I have no fear of approaching them to let them know about the mistakes being made. 

3 Ways of How Training In MMA Helps You Stand Up To Angry Cooks​ | Self-Control


I’m not saying all cooks that you come across working with are going to be mean. But based on my experience, you’ll for sure come across one if you work in the restaurant industry. Understandably, chefs & cooks go through a lot of stress when working. 

However, those who take their anger the wrong way or use it as a way of wanting control are wrong. Workers that I have worked with fear standing up to these types of chefs & cooks. 

I the other hand wasn’t because of the self-control & confidence I developed from training MMA. If you want to build self-control & confidence to stand up to an angry chef or cook, I suggest taking up MMA or any other type of martial art to learn.

If you have any questions about how training MMA helps you stand up to angry cooks you work with, please feel free to leave a comment or send a message.


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