Wrestling & Life | 9 Reasons Why Life Is Easier After Learning Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most tenacious sports to learn when you’re in high school, college, or in an MMA gym. In this article, we will be explaining the eight reasons how learning wrestling makes life easy. 

This martial art grappling style is heavy on teaching people about discipline, physical strength, & as well as mental toughness. All three of these traits give wrestlers a strong mentality to prepare for their wrestling competitions.

Once a person gains these traits, they will develop a stronger focus to train hard because they want to win gold. With this mentality, people can apply it to their life. Life has many obstacles, and one of the best assets to have to prepare you is your mentality from wrestling.

If you are the type who is or have taken wrestling, life becomes easy for you. I’m not saying it’s all that easy, but that tenacious mentality from this sport can help you overcome so much.

Wrestling & Life- Discipline

1. You Have A Good Work Ethic

In whatever you do in life, whether it’s for work, school, & competition. Putting the work in is essential! If you have trained hard in wrestling to prepare for competitions, then you can apply that hard work ethic to other activities in life.

2. You're Used To Criticism

Most wrestling coaches that you meet tend to give criticism to their wrestlers to help them improve. The more a wrestler gets used to hearing the tough love they get, they will most likely take it well from other people they meet. 

In life, you will meet insecure people who love to rant at you. Therefore, whatever these people say to you to try to get under your skin won’t matter to you.

Wrestling & Life | Confidence

3. You're Confident Throughout Life

The hard & grueling days of wrestling training can bring out the confidence in a person. Without it, how can a wrestler expect themselves to win a competition for themselves. 

The toughness built from wrestling can help significantly towards life because it causes you to believe in yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you would be up for the challenges ahead of you.

Wrestling & Life- Learning

4. You Love To Learn

Whenever you’re learning different techniques every day in wrestling, you begin to develop a habit of wanting to learn. Developing this habit is the key to improving not only as a competitive wrestler but also improving yourself in other aspects of life. 

Loving to learn new things is a great asset. Therefore whatever new things you gain in life, it becomes a part of your knowledge. With more of that, a person can achieve a lot throughout life.

Wrestling & Life | Teachable

5. You're Teachable

When it comes to improving your wrestling game, the key is to be teachable. If you’re not teachable & always bringing your ego into practice, you will never improve. 

Wrestling for sure humbles an individual because of the discipline & experience of defeat through the live wrestling practice rounds. Once a wrestler goes through this, they realize that they must check their ego out the door & be teachable to improve. 

Being teachable to advance does not only apply in wrestling but in life as well. Therefore, if a person wants life to be easier for them, they need to be opened to learn new things. And when you get used to that in wrestling, you will go far in life.

Wrestling & Life- Resilience

6. You're More Resilient

Since wrestling is a sport that teaches people how to be tough, it builds resilience within them. It’s about bringing yourself back up when you feel down. Going through the grueling wrestling training, you get used to rising back up from difficult situations. 

An example would be coming back from exhaustion & finding that second wind to fight back. With this type of mentality, you can apply this to anything in life. Whenever you feel down in life, using the resilience you built from wrestling will help you rise back up from anything.

7. You Can Apply Your Physical Strength In Other Activities

The physical strength that you develop from wrestling becomes an asset to anybody. Wrestling works the full-body, & learning to gain this strength can be applied to other physical strength-based activities. 

For example:

  • Weight training 
  • MMA training
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Labor work
Wrestling & Life- Failure to Success

8. You Don't Mind Failure

Failure is part of the process when training in wrestling. Nobody is ever perfect when training in this sport. Therefore, everybody experiences a bad day, a loss in competition, or being frustrated because they can’t perform in practice. 

Failure hurts the ego, but it is a wrestler’s greatest teacher. The more a wrestler experiences failure, the more they will see it as a lesson to fix their mistakes. 

When you get used to failing at something in wrestling, the more you don’t mind making mistakes at doing other things. If you fail at whatever it is you do in life, that mentality from wrestling prepares you to find a way to learn & move forward from it.

Wrestling Life Conclusion

9. You're Fine With Being Uncomfortable

Hard training days for wrestling can get to a person mentally because of how difficult it is. For a wrestler to grow, they have to go through the uncomfortable obstacles in training to be able to. 

Once a wrestler is used to feeling uncomfortable, other challenges in life they come across won’t be as scary to them.


When people go through the process of developing their discipline, physical strength & mental toughness from wrestling, life becomes easy. In life, people come across facing many obstacles & training wrestling helps prepare for that. 

Without the mentality built from this discipline, life will for sure be harder on a person.

If you have anymore questions about why life is easier after learning Wrestling, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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