Break Up Experience | 6 MMA Exercises That Recovers You

MMA Exercises To Help Recover

Have you ever been that person that went on several dates with a person that you thought was the one? Well, I have. She and I eventually parted ways because she didn’t see our relationship going past friendship. I have dedicated spending a lot of time with her in hopes of building our relationship into something more. But it’s too bad that didn’t happen & that we had to break up.

The reason why is because she didn’t see our relationship going past friendship as well as not feeling that romantic connection between us. I have had such an amazing and adventurous time going out with this girl. 

I thought what we had going was going to go past friendship for sure. Why did I think it was going to? It’s because spending time together led me to the point where I held her hand to build that human connection between us.

We even told each other about our past personal experiences to build our trust with one another. But unfortunately, all the romantic feelings and spending my time with her turns out to be all an illusion.

It felt like a punch to the heart when she told me the truth about her feelings towards me. I had nothing but negative thoughts going on in my mind. The negativity made me feel like I wasn’t going to be able to move on from getting led on.

However, I then realized. Her leading me on was not intentional. Why? It’s because she didn’t meant for it to happen. Her telling me the truth still stung though, but at the same time, I respect her for doing that.

If she ghosted me out and didn’t tell me anything at all. Then I would have lost my respect. Even though I was going through an emotional roller coaster. I knew that my answer to getting rid of these emotions would be to get back into MMA training. 

When I got back into training, I felt all the emotions I had went from negative to positive energy. MMA has helped me in a big way from moving on from this experience. Which made me want to share the training methods that I went through to eliminate the negative thoughts.

6 MMA Exercises That Helps You Recover From A Break Up

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1. Hitting The Bag

All the emotions I had about parting ways with this girl were still in my thoughts. I felt nothing but anger and sadness inside myself. A way of letting all of that out would be to hit the punching bag with bad intentions.

With the punching bag right in front of my eyes, what I did was treat it like it’s something that I hated. Also imagining that my negative emotions was right in front of me to face. My objective was to knock those feelings out of my thoughts by hitting the bag.

I was super gassed from throwing all the power kicks and punches at it. Gassing myself was all worth it because I felt all that anger and sadness leaving me. With all that leaving me I felt a change. 

I began seeing the whole situation of splitting up with the girl as a positive experience rather than a negative one.

Kickboxing Sparring To Help Recover From Break Up
2. Sparring

Another method of recovering I did was to get some sparring rounds in with my teammates. When it came to sparring, the strikes my teammates would land on me is something I had to brush off. 

With this type of mindset that I took from sparring, it made me realized something. If I can take a punch or a kick from a teammate of mine, then I can brush off the pain from parting ways with the girl I was seeing.

Conditioning Exercises To Help Recover From a Break Up
3. Conditioning Exercise Circuits

Usually, whenever there are about 10 minutes left of class. My coach would make me do a conditioning exercise circuit to end off his classes. The conditioning exercise circuit that I ended up doing would be:

  • Medicine ball slams
  • Jumping lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Air-dyne bike
  • Weighted step-ups
  • Planks
  • Boxing bag work,
  • Fast feet drills

All these types of exercises are all done within 10 minutes.

I would have to do each of them for a minute each with no break at all. This type of conditioning made me feel like I wanted to puke because of how tired I get. But, I like how doing this teaches you to stay mentally strong.

I had to keep on going with doing the circuit without giving up. Even though the exercise circuit that I have done feels like hell. I got to say that it feels like a big accomplishment in the end. While doing the exercise circuit it made me realize something else. 

If I can accomplish such a tough obstacle without giving up, then I would most definitely be able to move on from a break-up.

Body Shot Conditioning Drill To Recover From A Break Up
4. Body Shot Conditioning 

Body shot conditioning was another good way to help bring me back up. The reason why is because after doing this drill. All the emotions that have made me believe that I am weak fade away. 

When it came to doing body conditioning drills it has allowed me to see that I am not weak. When I had to do this, I had to stay strong to withstand the punches that my training partners are throwing at my body.

And my hands are up along with my back against the wall as well while taking shots. The shots thrown are only about 30- 50 percent power. But with about 300 punches landing on my body I can feel my abs working. 

Once I have accomplished this type of conditioning, again all the negativity that I had become positive energy

Man Kicking Thai Pads To recover From Break Up
5. Muay Thai Kicking Conditioning

I have a love and hate relationship when it comes to doing this conditioning exercise. I would get tired fast from doing 50 kicks on each side with speed and power. Ever since going through a break-up, I feel this was another exercise to do to help kick my sad feelings out of my system. 

Man Ground & Pounding Bag After Break Up
6. Ground & Pound On The Dummies

This is another good exercise to let all the anger and emotions out. When I was hitting the ground & pound dummy, I would pound on it with hammer fists, knees, and elbows.

After I was done, I felt so much better after because all the anger was taken out on the ground & pound dummy.

Man Depressed After Break Up
Natural Recovery

When it comes down to rejection, break-ups, and someone leading you on. I noticed that a lot of people in society tend to either drink, smoke, or doing other inappropriate things to make their sorrows go away. But for myself, I don’t believe in doing those things. 

The reason for that is because I believe it makes a person look even weaker and self-destructive. What I believe in is to learn how to deal with it like a real human being. 

Showing how you can move on without the use of bad substances that could deteriorate your health. Natural recovery shows true mental strength, which is something I am very proud to have.


Going through a break-up or experiencing someone leading you on sucks. The anger & sadness you feel should never be held in because it’ll make you feel worse. Therefore, training MMA is always the best medicine to help release the negative feelings naturally. 

All the exercises that I talked about in this article have helped me get over my break-up experience fast. If you have gone through the same thing as I did, try getting yourself into MMA or any other martial art to recover from your break-up.

If you have anymore questions about what other MMA exercises to do to recover from a break up, please leave a comment or send a message.


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