Worn-out Shin Guards | 5 Warnings From Using These Cheap Kinds

Muay Thai & kickboxing shin guards usually last for a long time. But if you have a pair that’s cheap in quality, they wear out fast. Worn-out shin guards can also be either dangerous or not very excellent to use anymore. 

This topic came to my mind when I was training with a friend of mine one day. During that training session, he was using shin guards that he had for about ten years. While we were practicing Muay Thai drills, the cons behind these types of shin guards came to my mind. 

There are other cons behind it too, which I will be explaining with you all about next.

5 Warnings of Using Cheap Worn-Out Shin Guards

1. You Can Possibly Scratch Someone

While my friend & I was practicing some kicking defense drills during class, my forearm accidentally got scratched. It was not too big of a scratch, but it still stung a bit. For a second, I thought my friend had long toenails, but it turns out it was his shin guards that caused the scratch. 

The leather from it wore down, which caused a small amount of plastic interior to be exposed. So if you are still using a pair of worn-out shin guards, be careful! Or I advise buying a brand new pair of higher quality. 

Recommended Brands

High-quality shin guards are safer to use and rarely cause any scratches to your training partner. A good brand of shin guards to purchase from are:

Worn-out Shin Guards- Leg Check

2. The Inside Insulation Wears Out

Lower quality shin guards that have worn out don’t provide as much protection after years of use. So when it comes to practicing leg checking techniques in Muay Thai & Kickboxing, you can feel more of the impacts of the kicks you are defending. 

When you are also practicing kicks on a training partner, you can also feel more impact when your kicks get checked. Feeling more impact towards your shins can help you condition your shins over time. 

Recommendation For Beginners

However, if you’re a beginner using cheap shin guards for the first time, I got to say it is not a good idea! A beginner starting in Muay Thai & Kickboxing does not have conditioned shins. So I recommend them to get a high-quality pair to avoid injury & slowly develop strength in their shins. 

Conditioning the shins takes years until being able to get used to withstand heavy impact.

Worn-out Shin Guards- Velcro Can Chafe Back of Leg

3. The Worn Out Straps Can Chafe You

From what my buddy told me, he said that his old shin guards would chafe the back of his leg during use. He said it was an uncomfortable feeling, but eventually, he got used to it over time because he had a development of callouses on the back of his leg. 

Once he made the switch of using a newer pair of shin guards, he told me what a difference in comfort it was. 

4. Feels Uncomfortable To Move Around At First

The fact that the straps were chafing the back of my buddy’s legs has also affected his movements. He said it felt weird while moving around during the first couple of times. But once he got used to it, he can move around like normal again without any discomfort.

5. They Would Turn Out of Place During Use

Whenever my buddy & I are practicing Muay Thai Combo drills, I noticed there are at times of where his shin guards would turn out of place. 

He would have to pause in between workouts to readjust them sometimes, which he finds is a little annoying since he doesn’t want to mess up the flow of the techniques we practice. Therefore, the straps to keep the shin guards in place are not the best. 

If you want to avoid having shin guards that turn out on you, again, I suggest buying ones that are high in quality. 


Cheap shin guards that are worn-out are not the best to use. Using them can be dangerous, uncomfortable, & doesn’t support you as well. So buying a high-quality pair is the safer & best option.

If you have anymore questions about about the warnings of using cheap worn-out shin guards, please leave a comment or send a message.


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