Heartbroken | 5 Benefits of Training Martial Arts Feeling That Way

5 Benefits of Training Martial Arts While Feeling Heartbroken

One of the worse feelings to ever experience throughout life is being heartbroken. The feeling of being heartbroken can occur in many different situations. 

Different situations such as:

  • You went through a break-up
  • You got cheated on
  • The person you were dating was leading you on
  • Someone you know who was close to you passed away

These are all different experiences & situations, but going through them gives you the same pain towards the heart. The feeling of it feels like someone is twisting your heart. The twist has different levels to it since it depends on the situation.

Either way, it’s never fun experiencing something like this! I have been through situations where I have been heartbroken many times & my level of concentration becomes all over the place. My scrambling thoughts even caused me to not being able to sleep as well.

When you’re depressed from the most heartbreaking situations, you can’t help but keep thinking about the would haves & the could haves. It hurts! But it’s not the end of the world! You can come back so much stronger after a heartbreak experience.

If you’re the type who is in martial arts, then you know this is the best cure to get rid of that pain. There’s no better way but to go to a martial arts gym to eliminate all the agony you hold inside. 

Training while heartbroken I found was beneficial towards me, which is why I want to talk about the five benefits behind it.

5 Benefits of Training Martial Arts While Feeling Heartbroken

1. Get Rid of the Anger

The first benefit would be being able to get rid of the anger during training. Whenever it came to situations where I was heartbroken, I feel sad, angry, & depressed. But once I did my daily training sessions, it begins to disappear. 

Result From Training

All the punching & kicking that I do during pad or bag sessions are with bad intentions. Hitting bags & pads releases all that anger you hold through action rather than letting it out through talking. 

I discovered that talking about your troubles helps a little bit, but hitting pads and bags in martial arts helps so much more!

Shadowboxing while heartbroken

2. You Learn To Turn Your Hate To Motivation

The build-up of hate can also occur whenever you are experiencing heartbreak. Holding all the hatred inside yourself is never a good thing! But, you can turn it all into motivation if you know how to channel it right. 

Martial arts helped me with that, and I got to say it feels wonderful to learn how to turn it into motivation. Once it changes into that, I feel the need to finish the training session strong!

3. You Go From Negative to Positive

An article from Evolve MMA stated that interacting & training martial arts helps you release “negative energy” that you hold. Every time I go through this type of experience, I can feel all the positive feelings that have left me coming back after a training session. 

After the session is complete, I feel like my positive side of myself has been reborn again.

control the heartbroken emotion while boxing

4. It Teaches You to Control Your Emotions

I got to say whenever you’re training while heartbroken, learn how to control your emotions. If you don’t, then you won’t have a good training session. There was a time where I had zero control over them, which led me to the point of being disappointed in how I performed during training. 

Having no control leads to bad habits of not training techniques properly & feeling off on everything you are practicing. So whenever you are feeling emotionally heartbroken, I advise you to stay calm & train technically. 

When you do this, you will feel so much better about yourself because you’re learning to be intelligent while in the moment of practicing techniques.

5. You Learn How To Train Technically With the Anger

Speaking of technicality, it is one of the best ways to think when you are heartbroken. Rather than thinking about practicing hitting bags and pads with hard reckless combos. Again, I suggest calming the mind down.

What Happens When You're in Control

I found doing this made me feel a lot better because I am in control of what to do with my anger. Once I am in control, all I want to do is practice techniques correctly by punching & kicking bags & Thai Pads with all my power intelligently.


Whatever situation you went through that caused you to feel heartbroken, it’s never fun dealing with the emotional pain. Even though it’s a horrible experience, you can always let out that pain from training martial arts. 

Not only does martial arts help you eliminate your sadness & anger, but it also teaches you to control yourself. With the development of good self-control over your emotions, you become mentally stronger & grow so much as an individual.

So, if you ever go through heartbreaking situations, training martial arts will be your answer to eliminating & control your emotions.

If you have anymore questions about the benefits of training while heartbroken in martial arts, please leave a comment or send a message.


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