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Rival RB2s

The Rival RB2 Super Bag Boxing Gloves I found are a very good pair of gloves to use for both boxing, kickboxing & Muay Thai. I have used these gloves for a good 3 years, and it’s still pretty good to use to this day. 

However, there were some cons that I had experienced when it came to using the Rival RB2s as well. Since I have experienced the pros & cons of using these pair of gloves, it came to my mind of wanting to share with you all what they are.

Pros & Cons of the Rival RB2 Super Bag Boxing Gloves


Strong Wrist Support

For any pair of boxing gloves that you buy, you have to make sure it provides good wrist support. The Rival RB2s are the perfect pair that provides that, and hitting punching bags or punch pads was not a problem at all. 

After using these gloves for 3 years, I didn’t experience much pain in my wrists. 

Good For Bag Work

I have tried other different pairs of boxing gloves before, and I remember the ones that are made with cheap material doesn’t provide me the right support I need. Using cheap gloves for hitting punching bags always cause my hands to shake after, which is not a good thing. 

But it all changed once I bought the Rival RB2 Super Bag Gloves. It felt a lot better hitting punching bags, plus both my hands stopped shaking after every training session. Whenever I hit the punching bag with these gloves, I felt the impact of landing my punch feeling a lot stronger. 

Good Knuckle Protection

The knuckle padding from these gloves was good for about 3 years. The padding wears out later on, but I will be explaining that later in the cons section. When it comes to hitting the punching bag & punch pads with these gloves, I felt there was a good amount of support for protecting my knuckles.

The impact of landing my punches on a bag or punch pads feels strong & that it doesn’t affect my performance. 

Good Wrist Rotation

Rotating the wrists while practicing straight punches in Boxing, Kickboxing, & Muay Thai class is done for every training session. I remember using just 16 Oz boxing gloves at one point which made my hands feel heavy. 

But, when I made the switch into using the 12 Oz Rival RB2s, they felt lighter. Since they feel lighter, I have better wrist rotation when it comes to performing my straight punches during training.


When I bought the Rival RB2 Super Bag gloves, I bought them only for $90. A lot of boxing gloves are over $100, & since I wanted something a bit cheaper with the same quality, I decided to buy this pair. 

If you want to buy a pair of gloves at a fair price along with good quality, I recommend buying this pair.


They Stink Over Time

After 3 years of usage, my Rival RB2 super bag gloves began to stink over time. No matter how much deep cleaning I do for these gloves, it still smells. The reason why is because the material from the inside is made out of nylon.

Nylon tends to absorb sweat & trying to eliminate the smell from cleaning it is difficult.

They Take a While to Completely Dry

After I finish boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai practice, I always take my rival gloves out to air out and dry overnight. But on the next day of using them, I can still feel that they haven’t completely dried. Therefore, airing them out overnight doesn’t work 100%. 

It's A Process to Clean

In order to keep these gloves as clean as possible, I had a cleaning process of my own that I follow. This process is a pain, & it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish cleaning my gloves. 

Cleaning these gloves might seem fast, but because of the nylon material inside it makes cleaning slower. 

The Padding Wears Out

Over time I found the knuckle padding on these gloves wore out on me after 3 years of using them. I use these gloves about 5 to 6 times a week. Therefore, after hitting heavy punching bags, I began to feel a bit of pain in my knuckles. 

It was nothing severe, but I got to say, the padding on these gloves is still better than other brands I have tried. There are also bits & pieces of the padding material from the inside of the glove that is coming off. 

After training, I would see the bits of the padding material stick to my hand wraps. 


Despite the pros & cons, overall, the Rival RB2 Super Bag Gloves are pretty good to use for boxing training. The protection & material may wear out over time, but every pair of boxing gloves does. Based on the price of these gloves, it’s affordable for people to get & the quality is decent as well.

If you want to find out more about the Rival RB2 Super Bag Gloves, you can check out Csquaredboxing’s YouTube review video about these gloves.

If you have any more questions about the Rival RB2 Super Bag Gloves, please leave a comment or send a message.


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  7. I had rb11 and the inner lining was made of cotton. They became stinky quicker than my fairtex, fly, cleto and winning.
    It dries out longer than gloves that use polyester or nylon. Don’t rb2 use the same material? Cotton not nylon.

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