Low-Quality Thai Pads | 6 Reasons Why They’re Not Worth

When it comes to using a cheap pair of Thai Pads, these types are not the best to use when training in Muay Thai & kickboxing. They’re okay to use for a short period. But once it’s about 1 or 2 years into use, then they begin to wear out. I have been on the end of using a low-quality pair of Thai Pads, & I got to say they are not worth it.

So I don’t recommend people buying one for themselves or their gyms. Ever since experiencing holding low-quality Thai Pads, an idea of sharing the cons behind it came to mind.

6 Reasons Why Low-Quality Thai Pads Are Not Worth It

Low-quality Thai Pads

1. They Wear Out Fast

As I mentioned earlier, a low-quality pair of Thai Pads do not last very long. The padding on the inside of these types begins to wear out after a year or 2 of use. Therefore, padding support does not feel as strong.

How I could tell was from holding pads one day & I could feel the impact of my training partners kick.

2. The Velcros Are Not Sturdy

There are low-quality Thai Pads out there that have velcros that wear out quickly. When this happens, it gets very annoying while holding them during Muay Thai training. The reason why is because every time your partner kicks the pads, the velcro comes loose.

Once that happens, you would need to pause between workouts to readjust them.

3. Stitching on Straps Begin to Rip

Thai Pads of cheap quality could have stitching that holds the straps in place rip. Not all of them rip easily, but I have seen some that have. Once that happens, it’s unfortunate that Thai pads like these cannot be fixed or used. 

If you don’t want Thai pads that have stitching that rips, I highly recommend you buy a pair of higher quality.

4. Leather Quality is not as Solid

The leather on these types of Thai Pads will have wear & tear on it after multiple uses in about a year. Strips of the leather will start coming off & also crack after all the various striking impact it takes. 

So get yourself some that have durable leather quality. Once you do, you will discover how Thai Pads of solid leather quality won’t crack & strip all that easily.

Bruise from holding Low-quality Thai Pads

5. You Can Hurt Your Forearms

When I felt my training partners kick while holding pads for him, I could feel his shin clashing against my forearms during drills in Muay Thai class. After class, I noticed my left forearm showed some bruising. The bruise didn’t hurt all that bad.

However, I still don’t advise using low-quality Thai Pads because you can injure your forearms. Comparing to high-quality types, the chances of hurting your forearms are rare. When you have a pair like these, the last a lot longer & have way stronger padding.

Low-quality Thai Pads | not worth spending

6. It's Not Worth Your Money

Usually, a low-quality pair of Thai Pads costs between $35-$70. The price sounds like a great deal & you figure you can save your money. But I got to say that you are actually not! These type of pads last at most up to 2 years, which is considered a short period.

Therefore, it’s best to save up your money & buy a high-quality pair instead. Thai pads that are made of high-quality cost between $100-$250, which is expensive but worth it for sure! 

It’s worth it because it’ll last up to about 5 to 10 years (depending on how much you use it for), which means you are able to save your money rather than buying a new pair that are of low value every two years.

Use high quality not Low-quality Thai Pads

High-Quality Thai Pads To Purchase

There is a lot of high-quality brand type of Thai Pads that you can purchase off from fight merchandise stores or on other online stores. Brands that I usually suggest to buy would be Fairtex, Twins Special, Top King, etc. Here is a list of them that I have tried and found very excellent to use:


Good Quality Fairtex Thai Pads vs. Low-quality Thai Pads

Good Quality Fairtex Thai Pads vs. Low-quality Thai Pads

Good Quality Fairtex Thai Pads vs. Low-quality Thai Pads

Twins Special


Good Quality Twins Special Thai Pads vs. Low-quality Thai Pads

If you purchase any of the Thai Pads listed above, these will last a lot longer for you than a lower quality pair! These types do not wear out as fast, and also provides excellent padding so that your forearms won’t bruise. 

Therefore, it is a more bang for your buck buying pads that are of high value! Based on the MMA, Muay Thai & Kickboxing Training videos, you will see majority of professional trainers & fighters use these types of Thai Pads for their training. 


Buying a pair of low-quality Thai pads is not worth it. The fact how the quality doesn’t last very long can lead you to be disappointed & that you shouldn’t have purchased them. So, it is best to buy a pair of Thai Pads that are of high quality! 

Once you own a pair like these, you will be happier with your purchase because of the long-lasting material. Plus, you won’t get hurt when you use these types of Thai Pads. So, it’ll be more bang for your buck when you buy it.

If you have any more questions about what other Thai Pads are recommended to use, please leave a comment or send a message.


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