Fairtex | 12 Reasons You Should Get The F-Day BGV11s

12 Reasons Fairtex F-Day

When I bought the Fairtex F-Day BGV11 boxing gloves, it was one of the best gloves I have experienced using so far. Not only are these gloves beautifully constructed with excellent material, but wearing these has also helped improve my overall striking performance(Boxing, Kickboxing, & Muay Thai). 

Since using these gloves has been a positive experience, I want to share my experience of why you should buy these gloves.

12 Reasons Why You Should Get The Fairtex F-day BGV11s

1. They are Light

It depends on what size of gloves you get for the Fairtex BGV11s. These pair of gloves come in different sizes such as:

  • 10oz 
  • 12oz
  • 14oz
  • 16oz

The gloves I bought for myself is a size 10oz. Therefore, my BGV11s are light in weight & I felt freer when it came to throwing punches. My body also feels more elusive during training since I noticed an improvement in my movement.

2. Good Fist Closure

The design of the Fairtex F-Day gloves allows me to close my fists better. With better fist closure, I can throw punches better without hurting my hand. With better fist closure, I can land my knuckles onto the correct place on both a punching bag & punch pads.

3. Long-Lasting

The microfibre material made out of the Fairtex F-Day BGV11s is known to last for a long time. The shop owner that I bought these gloves from told me that Microfibre is endurable & odorless.

After experiencing these gloves for more than a year, I got to say that there are no signs of wear & tear. The BGV11s still feel brand new whenever I use them, and the Microfibre material is indeed endurable.

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4. It's Worth Your Money

The price of the Fairtex F-Day BGV11 gloves ranges between $117-$168. It depends on what size of gloves you want to get. As mentioned before, these gloves come in sizes 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, & 16oz.

Based on the experience I went through, I would recommend anybody to buy these pairs of gloves for sure. These gloves may be a little pricey, but in my opinion, it’s a bang for your buck! If you ever have thoughts of wanting to buy the F-day BGV11s, go for it!

5. They're Odorless

If you want a pair of gloves that won’t smell as funky overtime, then I suggest buying these. Out of all the gloves I have used, this pair does not absorb sweat. Since I clean these gloves after every class, they don’t smell bad.

6. They Are Easy To Clean

Not only are these gloves odorless, but these gloves are easy to clean because of the nylon material manufactured inside. As I mentioned before, the F-day BGV11 gloves don’t absorb sweat, which makes sanitizing & cleaning faster. 

Once my F-day Gloves are clean, they feel fresh for the next training session.

Fairtex F-day Ventilation
7. It Drys Fast

When I get home after every training session, I take these gloves out to clean & let them dry. I have had gloves that have material that absorbs sweat, which takes more than a day to completely dry.

But once I bought the F-Days, I was amazed at how much faster these gloves dry up after cleaning. These gloves have good ventilation on the fingertip & thumb part of the glove, which means air can enter to help the gloves dry faster.

8. Good Ventilation

With good ventilation, it allows both my hands to breathe. Excellent ventilation is good because it doesn’t interfere with my blood circulation. Therefore, my hands feel comfortable while using them during training.

9. Awesome To Use During Pad Sessions

Since these gloves are light, I felt faster hitting punch pads & Thai pads during boxing, kickboxing, & Muay Thai classes. With better speed, I feel so much better practicing on my slips & rolls to dodge punches. 

The impact of landing my punches on punch pads feels nice too!

10. Good Wrist Support

I found the design of the velcro strap on the F-Day BGV11 gloves gives good wrist support. I also like how the long cuff design from these gloves gives me that extra support. 

So far, when it comes to hitting punching bags & pads, there are no issues I have had in feeling any pain on my wrists. Therefore, I would recommend anybody to buy these gloves.

11. Excellent Side Padding

The side padding for these gloves provides excellent protection when practicing how to block body & high kicks for both Muay Thai & Kickboxing. Not just high kicks but also for protecting against punches.

Since the BGV11s have excellent side padding, so far, I have never experienced any sorts of pain or discomfort when practicing on my blocks.

12. Good For Clinch Work

Whenever I am training clinching drills in Muay Thai, I found the BGV11s has given me a good grip on practicing holding on to the neck. I have had gloves that give me difficulties holding onto the clinch.

Therefore, during live clinching drills, I can’t apply as much resistance to my training partner while clinching. Once I bought the BGV11 F-Days, my experience with the clinch was a lot better. 

With these gloves, I have a stronger resistance to apply to my training partners while clinching because I have the correct grip. Without having the correct grip, my training partners can either escape easier or gain a more dominant clinch position than I.


Overall, using the Fairtex F-Day BGV11s boxing gloves is such a great experience! This pair of gloves may be a little pricey, but the quality of it lasts. Not only is the quality excellent, but the feel of it while using them allows you to perform better.

It’s easy to clean the BGV11s as well, so I recommend anybody to buy these!

If you have any more questions about the Fairtex F-Day BGV11s, please leave a comment or send a message.


12 thoughts on “Fairtex | 12 Reasons You Should Get The F-Day BGV11s”

    1. Hey glad to hear! Much appreciated for reading. The Fairtex brand gloves are definitely something worth knowing about since they feel different compared to other brands. Thanks for providing the link & I will check out the Muay Thai equipment that’s provided on that site.

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  8. Hi I’m just wondering if the fairtex fday glove is more for standard boxing or for Mauy Thai/kickboxing? Thanks

    1. Hi Aavan. The Fairtex F-Day gloves are good for both standard boxing & for Muay Thai/Kickboxing. It’s good for standard boxing because it’s excellent for pad work, bag work, & situational drills. Muay Thai/Kickboxing because you can open your fingers up to catch front/rear teep kicks, & also has excellent gripping for clinching. If you get the 16 oz F-days they are excellent for sparring in both disciplines as well.

  9. I bought my F-Days off of amazon. The 10oz was sold by fairtex and included a box. The 12oz was has a off-white stitching that is more yellow that didn’t include the fairtex box that the 10oz had but did have the dog tag and letter folded into the plastic wrapping of the gloves. This 12oz was sold from FastClub on Amazon. Any suggestions for spotting a fake?

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