TITLE MMA Thai Pads | 6 Reasons Why The Anatomical Thai Pads Are Awesome

Title MMA Anatomical Thai Pads

I found the TITLE MMA Anatomical Thai Pads is a part of the top 10 best pair of Thai pads I have tried using. While I was training Muay Thai & Kickboxing one day, I had the opportunity to try them out. 

The feeling of using these is a little different comparing to Thai style brands such as Twins Special, Fairtex, Windy, etc. Overall, the TITLE MMA Thai Pads works just as well as all those brands. Since the Anatomical Thai Pads are a great experience, it came to my mind to share with you all of why they are.

6 Reasons Why The TITLE MMA Anatomical Thai Pads Are Awesome To Use

1. They Are Light

Comparing to my very own Fairtex Thai Pads, they feel a bit heavy compared to the TITLE MMA Anatomicals. The TITLE Anatomicals feel lighter, as well as having a good quality of material constructed on it. 

With a light feel of holding these pads, the flow & impact of the punching & kicking combinations  from my partner I go with throws is sharp. Since I feel faster, it’s easier to catch onto the flow of the Muay Thai combinations.

2. Excellent Kicking Impact Absorption

If you notice in the photo above, the back of the Thai Pads has extra padding designed on it. The extra padding on the back is protection for the forearms, so you don’t feel any pain from people who kick harder.

I have held these pads for a friend of mine who kicks super hard, & I got to say The TITLE Anatomicals absorbs the impact of his kick nicely. It feels as if I have extra pillows that are protecting my forearms.

3. Excellent To Hold For Professional Competitors

My coach loves using these for his professional fighters. Most professionals with high-level striking have a different level of power. Therefore, the material designed on these pads can withstand the strikes that these individuals throw.

4. Excellent to Hold for Heavyweights

These pads are also excellent for holding for people who are heavyweights. A strike coming from a heavyweight is different compared to someone who is in a lighter-weight class. 

I got to say the TITLE Thai Pads protect the forearms very well while holding for these individuals. My coach would usually hold these Thai Pads whenever he has a 1-on-1 personal training session with one of his heavyweight fighters.

5. It Provides An Excellent Fit For Anyone

When a friend of mine was using the TITLE Anatomical Thai Pads, she found it was an excellent fit for her because she has smaller forearms. So when she was holding them for me to hit, she did not experience them coming loose.

I found it was a perfect fit for me too. Therefore, the straps designed on these pads are made excellent.

Title Anatomical Pads
6. Long-Lasting

The TITLE Anatomical Thai Pads has high-quality material designed to it, which has allowed these to last for a long time. My coach owns a pair of the TITLE Anatomicals, and it has lasted him about three years so far.

The photo above shows the pads are a little worn-out, but I have given them a test & it works very well still. I own a pair of Fairtex KPCL 2 Thai Pads, and I got to say that the TITLE Thai Pads works just as well.

Since these pads have lasted my coach three years, I believe that they will last another couple of years for him because they still feel like new.


If you want a pair of Thai pads that are light, long-lasting, & provides excellent forearm protection, get the TITLE Anatomical Thai pads. These pads are great to hold for anybody who’s a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level striker in Muay Thai or Kickboxing. 

So, the TITLE Anatomicals works just as well as the Thai-made brands.

If you have any questions about the TITLE MMA Anatomical Thai Pads, please leave a comment or send a message.


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