People Who Don’t Want to Learn Martial Arts | 6 Reasons

6 Reasons Why Some People Don't Want to Learn Martial Arts

All forms of martial arts (Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Kung Fu, etc.) can be fun and very interesting to learn. However, there are people that I have met who don’t want to learn martial arts at all. 

The number of different people that I have come across in life had reasons why they don’t want to learn martial arts. Right now, I am going to go into talking about the topic of why people don’t want to learn this type of art.

People Who Don't Want to Learn Martial arts | It's Hard

1. It's Hard

From some people I have had conversations with, I usually get the response that they find it hard to learn. Yes, any particular martial art that you take is difficult in their specific ways. However, it is all part of the process of the sport. If it’s not challenging for the people who train in it, nobody will  grow & improve from their mistakes.

It’s understandable that some people find martial arts hard. From what I saw, some people have stuck with it & continued learning it, & some didn’t because they found it wasn’t for them. 

2. They Think it's Easy

Not only have I had people tell me how difficult martial arts is, but there are those who also said it’s easy. This is funny to me, but the ones who I have had conversations with who said this haven’t even attempted learning martial arts. 

They would also say martial arts is easy like learning how to play other sports (e.g. soccer, hockey, football, etc). You can play those types of sports, but martial arts is something you don’t play!

I know every sport is dangerous in its specific ways, but martial arts is a different type of sport that you have to be careful in. Because one false move of not being careful can either hurt others or yourself. 

People Who Don't Want to Learn Martial arts | Don't want their Egos Hurt

3. It Hurts Their Ego

People usually don’t tell me this, but this is something I can tell because of two things:

  1. Having a conversation about martial arts with some individuals 
  2. What I have witnessed in training

Whenever it comes to individuals who have a big ego, they usually have conversations with me about not wanting to lose or making errors on something. But that’s what people have to go through when training in martial arts.

The only way to get better is to experience the errors you have made. From what I witnessed in Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, I noticed how frustrated some were from getting submitted the first time. Some people with big egos believe that they are tough & figure they won’t get tapped.

But once they experience it for the first time, their ego gets hurt & they realize they’re not so tough at all. It was a humbling experience for them though, which caused them to see that they should always leave their ego out the door.

People Who Don't Want to Learn Martial arts | Not Interested

4. They Don't Have an Interest

Yes, not everyone has any interest at all in wanting to learn martial arts. It’s similar to how I have no interest in wanting to learn how to play tennis or ice hockey. Everyone has a different passion in what sport they like to train in, or some are not interested in any at all.

People Who Don't Want to Learn Martial arts | Afraid to get Hurt

5. They are Afraid to get Hurt

I have had people who have also told me about how they are afraid to get hurt. It’s understandable when hearing this since martial arts is a combat based sport. However, every type of discipline you learn is safe as long as you know how to train correctly. 

If nobody knows how to do this, then someone will most likely get hurt during a training session.

People Who Don't Want to Learn Martial arts | Don't want to feel intimidated

6. They Don't Want to Feel Intimidated

Stepping into a martial arts gym not wanting to feel intimidated is another one I have heard from people. In my opinion, people don’t want to feel this way is because of how scary it can be. 

It is because you’re going to be training in a room with people who know how to defend themselves. The thing is there’s no need to be afraid or intimidated. Once you begin training & continue to progress in it, you realize the people you train with went through the same experience.


Understandably, not everybody in society wants to learn martial arts. Learning this sport can be challenging at times, but that’s the whole point of causing others to grow. 

Stepping into a martial arts gym can be intimidating at the beginning too, but once you continue to progress, there’s no need to feel intimidated.

If you’re planning on joining a martial arts gym, no matter what you do, don’t go there thinking it’s something you can play. That arrogant type of mindset can get you hurt! Therefore, always be humble when you make the first step into the martial arts gym.

If you have anymore questions about why some people don’t want to learn martial arts, please leave a comment or send a message.


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