How Scary MMA Scenarios Improves Your Combative Style

How Scary MMA Scenarios Improves Your Combative Style

To improve your overall MMA style, one of the best methods is to train yourself to be in scary scenarios. Training in fearful MMA scenarios takes a lot of guts, heart, & tenacity, which helps you overcome the fear. 

In MMA, you’re learning multiple disciplines that involve countless amounts of different situations such as striking, wrestling, & combat jiu-jitsu. Each of these styles has its own scary scenario, & going through them has improved my MMA style in a big way!

There are so many technique sequences in MMA that require you to escape out of fearful situations. So it came to my mind of wanting to mention to you all about how it helps you advance.

MMA Scenarios | How Scary MMA Scenarios Improves Your Combative Style

Scary MMA Scenarios | Improves Striking Defence

1. Your Overall Striking Defense Improves

MMA striking is a mix of numerous striking styles such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, etc. If you are training with people who have a combination of these striking styles, it causes you to guess when you’re sparring with them.

And when this happens, you’ll freak out because you don’t know what strike is coming at you. However, the more you train with people of different striking styles, your overall striking defense evolves.

2. You Get Better At Defending Takedowns

When you’re doing MMA sparring, takedowns come out unexpectedly. Anything unexpected is scary! But when it comes to getting taken down out of nowhere, it makes you feel devastated. I experienced this feeling multiple times by my training partners whenever it came to pressuring them too much. 

After experiencing this, the more I began working on my wrestling sprawling defence to defend against takedowns.

Scary MMA Scenarios | Scrambling

3. You Develop Your Ability to Scramble Back on Your Feet

The experience of getting taken down multiple times has caused my ability to scramble back to my feet faster. If you’re the type that has experienced the ground & pound scenarios, then you know scurrying back on your feet is a must.

The scrambling was something that I wasn’t naturally good at at first. However, over time I got better at it because I just got sick of getting stuck in bad ground positions.

4. You Get Better At Escaping Ground & Pound Situations

After learning multiple MMA ground & pound escape sequences during practice, my awareness to counter & escape improved. Ground & pound situations are scary because it sucks eating strikes while being on your back. The more you experience this, the more you get sick & tired of being stuck on the ground. 

Therefore, it makes you want to keep on practicing MMA escape sequences. With more practice, the more you become familiar with escaping different ground & pound situations.

Scary MMA Scenarios | Submissions

5. You Become More Aware of Submissions

During MMA combat Jiu-Jitsu scenarios, there will always be unexpected submissions involved. If you have a training partner who’s a phenomenal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler, he/she can perform subs out of nowhere. 

For example, you get caught in a triangle choke within an instant & realizing it’s too late to escape. Unexpected submissions like this give you a state of shock, which makes you reflect on how to improve your submission defense.

6. Your Jiu-Jitsu Guard Defense Becomes Stronger

Live MMA grappling rounds that involve your training partner constantly passing your guard sucks. Once your partner passes your guard, they’ll have many submissions & ground & pound options that they can do to you.

It’s not a fun experience, but everybody who trains in MMA has gone through it. The positive thing that comes out of this scenario is, it makes you want to work on your guard defense. 

Once you get back to working on that, you’ll see an improvement in your guard defense. Your understanding of what to do to defend becomes a muscle memory, which makes it harder for your training partners to pass your guard during grappling scenarios.


When experiencing how to overcome the various scary scenarios in MMA, there’s no doubt that your combative style will improve. Athletes who train in this sport need to experience the fear from live sequences to better themselves. 

Scary scenarios in MMA are realistic & it makes you want to avoid bad situations at all costs.

If you have questions about how scary scenarios in MMA helps you to improve on your combative style, please leave a comment or send a message.


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