Twins Special BGLL-1 Lace Ups | Reasons to Get Them

Do you want a pair of boxing gloves that provides excellent protection for you that prevent you from hurting your hands? If you do, I suggest that you buy the Twins Special BGLL-1 lace-up gloves. 

If you watch professional Muay Thai fights, you’ll notice that many professional fighters use these during competition & in their training sessions. After giving these a test myself, it made me realize why a majority of the professionals use them. 

In my opinion, these gloves are one of the best out there to use & it made me want to talk to you all about why it is.

Twins Special BGLL-1 Lace Ups | Support

1. Phenomenal Wrist Support

After using the BGLL-1s, I was shocked at how amazing the wrist support is on these gloves. The fitting on these gloves fits just right, which allows your fist to stay in place. Having this prevents any hand injuries from happening while punching. 

So this is another reason why these gloves are a must-get.

2. Excellent Knuckle Protection Padding

Once you break these gloves in, you’ll be amazed at how awesome the knuckle protecting padding is. Whenever you hit pads with a partner or hit the heavy bag, the padding feels as if you have pillows supporting your hands.

There are boxing gloves out there that don’t provide this type of knuckle support. So, if you want a pair that has this type of support, I highly recommend buying these.

3. They Feel Like Winning Japan Gloves

Speaking of knuckle support, the experience of using these feel like Winning Japan boxing gloves. If you don’t know what Winning Japan boxing gloves are, click here to check them out.

A lot of professional fighters buy these gloves because they last & prevent them from injuring their hand. The same goes for the BGLL-1s, except these are a lot cheaper to purchase compared to Winnings.

Twins Special BGLL-1 Lace Ups | Front Laces

4. Excellent for Clinching

If you’re training in Muay Thai, these gloves are excellent to use when practicing your clinching techniques. If you’re practicing clinching techniques with regular boxing gloves, you’ll notice that your clinching grip is not as secure while drilling. 

So if you want to have a pair of gloves that allows you to secure a proper tight clinch, the BGLL-1s are the perfect pair to use.

Twins Special BGLL-1 Lace Ups | Quality

5. Strong Leather Quality

The leather quality on these gloves is super solid & can withstand the impact & contact of hitting punch pads & bags. Since the leather is strong, the chances of fast wear & tear on these gloves, in my opinion, are slim.

6. Non-Sweat Absorbant

If you don’t want gloves that feel sweaty & wet the next day, The Twins Special BGLL-1 gloves are suitable for you because of the non-sweat absorbent material. Material like this will dry faster only if you take them out of your bag to air out.

7. Easy to Clean

Because of the non-sweat absorbent material, it makes cleaning a lot easier. When cleaning the BGLL-1s with sanitizing wipes & disinfectant spray, it feels way faster than pairs that have Microfibre cloth in them.

Microfibre cloth absorbs sweat & cleaning can be a long process. If you don’t want to go through that, getting the BGLL-1s is a good option.


If you want a pair of boxing gloves; that’s good quality, convenient to clean, & has excellent protection, the Twins Special BGLL-1s is the one for you. Since they also feel like Winning Japan gloves, buying the BGLL-1s gives you the chance to experience the high-quality knuckle protection similar to Winnings. 

If you also want a pair of gloves that allows you to secure the correct grip for clinching, these are the perfect pair.

If you have any more questions about the Twins BGLL-1s, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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