Twins Special | 11 Points Why The SGL-10 Shin Guards Are Marvelous

11 Points Twins SGL-10s Shin Guards

The Twins Special Shin Guards Double Padded SGL-10 is what I highly recommend getting when you are training Muay Thai & Kickboxing. The design & quality of these are high, so it provides excellent protection for your shins during training. 

The experience of using the SGL-10s I found was excellent! Wearing these has a nice feel to it, which allows me to perform well during training. With the wonderful experience I had, I want to share with you all why the SGL-10s are excellent to use for Muay Thai.

11 Points Why The Twins Special SGL-10 Shin Guards Marvelous

Twins Special SGL 10 Worn

1. Has Double Padding Protection

The double padding on these provides excellent protection for my shins. Whenever I am practicing leg checking drills for Muay Thai, I don’t feel much pain. So, if you want shin guards with excellent quality padding protection, the SGL-10s is an option. 

2. Good Foot Covering

In Muay Thai, you don’t want to land a kick with your foot because you could hurt yourself. If you accidentally land with your foot, the foot covering on the SGL-10s will help protect you.

3. They Are Comfortable

Wearing the Twins Special SGL-10s feels very comfortable. If you like a pair of shin guards that don’t bother you or chaff the back of your legs, I recommend getting this pair. Whenever you’re moving around with these on, you can move freely like how you do without them.

4. They Are Light

Besides comfort, the SGL-10s also have a light feel while having them on. Since they are light, your speed of kicking while practicing drills won’t be affected. I have tried other brands of shin guards that are slightly heavier than these & my kicks weren’t as fast. 

Not only are you able to kick fast with the SGL-10s, but you can also check kicks faster.

Twins Special SGL 10 Back Velcros

5. Velcro Straps Are Strong

The quality of the velcro straps is strong. There are no signs of it wearing out, so they stay in place very well.

6. They Stay Steady

During my years of training, I have seen people who have Muay Thai shin guards that turn on them. Once that happens, they would have to pause in between workouts to readjust them. 

People who have these types of shin guards find it annoying during use. When the shin guards turn on them, it disrupts the rhythm & flow of their training. If you don’t want Muay Thai Shin guards like those, I recommend the Twins Special SGL-10

Whenever you are kicking or checking during Muay Thai training, the SGL-10s will not turn out of place on you. Therefore, your Muay Thai & Kickboxing workout won’t have any disruptions.

Twins Special SGL 10

7. Strong Thai Leather Quality

I have had the Twins Special Double Padded SGL-10s for more than a year, and so far, there are no signs of wear & tear on them. The SGL-10s are made of Thai leather, which is known for being very strong in quality. 

The number of times that I use these shin guards would be about 4-5 times a week. So considering how many times I have used them, I’m surprised at how new my SGL-10s still look.

8. It Looks Simplistic

If you’re the type of person who likes a simplistic looking pair of Muay Thai Shin Guards, I suggest you get the Twins Special SGL-10s. They not only come in grey, but also in many different colors too, so there are a lot of them to choose. 

The images presented below are the other colours that it comes in. If you are thinking of wanting to purchase a pair, click on one of the images below.

Twins Special SGL 10

Twins Special SGL 10

Twins Special SGL 10

Twins Special SGL 10

Twins Special SGL 10 Cleaned

9. Easy to Clean

Since the Twins Special SGL-10s are strap-up shin guards, they are easy to clean. It only takes a minute or two to sanitize and wipe down both pairs. So, if you want shin guards that are fast & easy to clean, get yourself the SGL-10s.

10. Odor Doesn't Build-Up (If Cleaned Everyday)

Compared to the old shin guards I used to own, they would still smell a bit after sanitization. But, after using the Twins Special SGL-10s multiple times in more than a year, I was shocked how there are no odors. 

I clean & sanitize them every day to avoid them from smelling. So if you hate shin guards that absorb sweat & odors build-up, I recommend you get the Twins SGL-10s. The odor will only build up if it’s not clean or taken care of properly.

11. Dry Fast

After a hard Muay Thai/Kickboxing training session, the inside of my SGL-10s would be soaked or drenched with my sweat. I have had sleeve shin guards that I used to use, which would take a long time to dry. 

But, ever since I switched to using the SGL-10s, they would take only a couple of hours before they are 100% dry. They would dry fast after cleaning & sanitization as well. 

So if you want to start your Muay Thai & Kickboxing session that doesn’t feel sweaty from the previous day, I recommend these.


The Twins Special Double Padded SGL-10s is one of the most comfortable shin guards to wear for Muay Thai & Kickboxing training. The light feeling you get from wearing them allows you to move like how you do without them. 

So, you’re able to perform better during practice. The high-quality material from these shin guards is excellent for withstanding the physical impacts from performing & blocking kicks. 

Therefore, it’ll last for a long time. If you want the SGL-10s to last even longer, you got to clean them. The design of these shin guards makes them easy to clean, so there shouldn’t be any excuse to avoid sanitizing them.

If you have anymore questions about the Twins Special SGL-10 Shin Guards, please leave a comment or send a message


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