Boxing Drills | 9 Techniques You Can Practice At Home

Solo Boxing Drills

During my time in college, I had difficulties making it to the boxing gym to train & learn different boxing drills. A lot of homework assignments and projects would be assigned for me to do. So, I had to focus on finishing those before I can go back to the gym and train. 

School is more important, but since I had a love for learning boxing, I didn’t want my techniques to get rusty. To avoid that from happening, what I did was get my training in and practice boxing drills I learned at home. 

During my break time from doing homework was when I would start training. The regiment that I put together for myself to practice at home consists of training the basic techniques. Basics are considered the most important and effective type of techniques in boxing. 

I don’t have a punching bag at home, so all I could do is practice my technique in a shadowboxing form. I found training at home during my own time was a good way to work on my skills. 

Once school was done my technique still felt sharp when I went back to the gym. Since it was successful for me, I would like to share with you the training regiment I went through. 

For this regiment, I would get my boxing training in for at least 4-5 times a week to keep my technique sharp. Whenever you don’t have the time to make it to the boxing gym you can try out these 9 exercises to do at home.

Boxing Drills- Skipping
1. Jump Rope (Warm Up 10 minute)

Skipping is what I usually like to start with when warming up. Skipping is good for opening up the lungs. Also it is good to loosen up the whole body before getting into learning technique.

It is very important to warm up before hand because injuries can happen if you’re training with cold muscle.

Boxing Drills- Footwork
2. Footwork Drills (5 minutes)

After the warm up is done I like to move in to working on footwork drills. The footwork drills that I do involve:

  • Forward Steps
  • Backward Steps
  • Side to Side Step 

Another type of footwork drill that I worked on practicing at home was the old school Cus D’mato & Mike Tyson footwork drill. Footwork drills is a very important thing to practice when training in boxing.

 I found the more I practiced them, the more I began to understand about covering distance to land punches on an opponent.

Boxing Drills- Head Movement
3. Head Movement Drills (5 Minutes)

This is another important basic drill that I like to do. When I first got into boxing, I had terrible head movement. Whenever it came to sparring, I felt like I was getting hit every single time during practice.

But when my coach taught me how to slip and roll properly, I made some improvements by not getting hit as much. The head movement drills that were taught to me can be done with a partner or individually. 

Since it’s an option of being able to practice it on my own, I decided to practice it at home. The head movement drills that I practiced are:

  • Weaving Left & right
  • Rolling Under left and right
Boxing Drills- Jab in & Out
4. Jab Forward, & Jab Backwards (5 minutes)

I find that practicing this technique has allowed me to work on my overall jab and footwork at the same time. Practicing a forward and backward jab has given me the ability to strike while going forward as well as backward. 


Before, I would always jab forward when it came to sparring and never jabbed backward. When I practiced this more & more at home the more it became natural for me to jab backward. 

Boxing Drills- Jab In & Out
5. Jab Forward, Jab Backwards, & Cross (5 Minutes)

This drill is a follow up with the last one that was previously mentioned, and a cross is being added to it. Adding the cross is consider another technique that can be used to counter someone who is coming forward.

Boxing Drills- 1,2,slip,slip
6. While Moving Forward Jab, Cross, & Slip-Slip (5 Minutes)

I loved practicing this one. This drill allows me to work on learning how to press forward along with using my offensive strikes. Also applying my head movement to avoid the jab and cross that the opponent can throw to counter back.

Boxing Drills- Combination
7. While Moving Forward Jab, Cross, Slip-Slip, Lead Hook, Cross, Lead Hook, Slip Under (5 Minutes)

This is the same as the last drill except you are adding on a lead hook, cross, lead hook, and slipping under. I like the follow up with this drill because after the slip-slip I can counter back with a combination of my own. 


And practicing how to avoid the opponent’s lead hook by rolling under.

Boxing drills- combo & pivoting
8. Slip, Step & Pivot, Cross, Lead Hook to the body (5 Minutes)

I found practicing this drill was a good way to practice creating angles to strike. The slip, step, & pivot is what helps me to get into my opponent’s angle which is where the openings are. 


Once an opening is created, I would throw my lead hook to the body first. After that, I end it off with a cross upstairs. Getting in an angle is also where your opponent can not land anything on you, which means it’s a safe area to be into land strikes.

9. Shadow Boxing (3 X 5 Minute Rounds)

Doing 3 rounds of shadow boxing is how I like to end off my training. Shadow boxing allows me to work on putting all the techniques that I was practicing together. Putting the techniques together allows me to work on the rhythm and flow of them as well. 

The more I shadowboxed the more the techniques begin to feel natural. 


All these boxing drills mentioned in this article are mostly basic techniques for you to follow. Basics will always be the most important techniques to go back to practice because it’s the foundation of boxing.

The drills that I shared in this article can be done in the comfort of your home. So, if life gets busy, you can follow these to help keep your boxing techniques sharp.

If you have any questions about what other boxing drills to practice at home, please feel free to leave a comment or send a message.


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