Wrestling in MMA | 6 Reasons Why Wrestling is Beneficial

Wrestling In MMA | How Wrestling Is Beneficial For MMA

Wrestling is one of the most beneficial disciplines that you can apply to MMA. If you have taken wrestling in either high school or college, what you have learned will transition well for you. Back when I was in high school, I took the opportunity of wanting to be a part of the wrestling team.

Joining the team was one of the best things that have happened to me because of what I got out of it. What I have learned from this discipline has transitioned well for me once I got into learning MMA. 

With this being a benefit, it came to my mind to share why learning wrestling is beneficial to MMA.

6 Reasons Why Learning Wrestling is Beneficial For MMA

Wrestling In MMA- Clinch

1. You Can Apply Your Toughness

Wrestling is an art that builds toughness towards people. With the toughness you have developed from it, you will not have as many issues with feeling nervous about live wrestling scenarios for MMA. 

Live wrestling scenarios can be scary, but with the tough mentality developed from this discipline, you will be fine during MMA training.

Wrestling In MMA | Double Leg Takedown

2. You Can Apply Your Takedown Timing

When it comes to performing a takedown successfully in both Wrestling & MMA, it’s all about timing! MMA wrestling & regular freestyle wrestling is different from each other, but I found the timing from freestyle wrestling is so beneficial when applying it to MMA. 

Once you know the openings of when to perform a takedown, it becomes useful to shut down someone who has a more striking base.

Wrestling In MMA | Wrestling Match

3. You Can Apply Your Wrestling Strength

Based on my experience from wrestling with different people, I noticed that there are wrestlers with an overwhelming amount of strength! Not every wrestler has it, but for the ones who do have an advantage. 

Wrestling with these wrestlers feels like a bear or a truck that you are having trouble moving. Wrestlers with this kind of strength will have an advantage when wrestling in the clinch or during wall wrestling scenarios in MMA.

Wrestling In MMA | Combat Jiu-Jitsu

4. It's Useful for Combat Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Once you’re grappling on the ground, a scramble can occur between you & your training partner. The experience you develop from wrestling is another approach that you can apply in combat Jiu-Jitsu situations. 

Based on my experience, I find once I get into a scramble, I can use my wrestling to gain a dominant position. A wrestler’s top control in half-guardfull mount, & side control can be overwhelming as well because of their mix of technique & resistance pressure.

Wrestling In MMA | MMA Striking

5. It's A Good Mix With Striking

Mixing boxing & kickboxing with wrestling is another way of setting up takedowns. If you have good wrestling to mix along with striking, it can cause a person to start guessing. Once that happens, they will keep figuring out whether you want to strike or grapple.

Wrestling In MMA | Hip toss

6. You Can Apply Your Discipline

The hardworking attitude & discipline that you develop from wrestling is beneficial towards MMA. These two styles are different from each other, but the hardworking mentality is the same. 

When I took wrestling back in high school, I found it strengthened me both mentally & physically.  All the hard days in training back then were about becoming a better version of myself day by day.

If it weren’t for going through that, I believe I would have had a difficult time training in MMA.


Having a wrestling background is so beneficial. The development of the discipline, mental toughness, strength, & technique from it is such a powerful asset.

Once you mix wrestling with striking & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, your overall combative style will enhance to different levels. Therefore, if you want your MMA style to be more effective, practicing your wrestling is the answer.

If you have anymore questions about why Wrestling is beneficial in MMA, please leave a comment or send a message.


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