Martial Arts School | 7 Ways to Know You’re in the Right Gym

7 Ways to Know You're in the Right Martial Arts Gym

When people have thoughts about joining a martial arts school, usually, what they think about is how intimidating it is. The truth is, it’s scary at first. But, as you continue to progress & develop confidence, it’s not very fearful at all.

As you continue to stick with training martial arts, you’ll eventually find out what makes a gym right for you.

Based on my experience, I have been to different gym environments & I got to say some didn’t fit my needs. Once I found the right place for me, it made me want to stay because of how positive the environment was.

Since I have experienced being in the proper martial arts gym for so long, it made me want to talk about the 7 ways to know that you joined the appropriate martial arts school.

Martial Arts School | No Judgements

1. Members & Teammates Don't Judge You

There are gyms out there that have people who judge one another. When you witness a place that has that, then you know that type of environment is toxic. But, when you see a gym that doesn’t have members & teammates that judge, that is the right place for you.

A martial arts school with zero judgment happening means that it has a phenomenal etiquette system & procedures. With that, it’ll help develop a welcoming environment for newcomers because every student has learned about the meaning of respect.

Martial Arts School | Karate Coach Instructing

2. Your Coach Is There For You

Having a coach who’s there for you is another sign that you’re in the proper martial arts gym. A good coach is someone who cares about not only you but also every other member that steps foot in the gym, whether they’re a beginner or advanced level student. 

When students train during a class & the coach is observing & correcting everybody’s technique, that shows that he/she wants you to grow. Coaches like these feel ecstatic when they see growth & want to be there to help people keep on progressing.

Karate Drilling at a Martial Arts School

3. When Your Teammates Assists & Supports You

Whenever you’re training & drilling techniques with your fellow teammates, having a lot of assist & support is another sign that you’re in the proper gym. These types of teammates show that they care & want to help you improve. 

When you have people like this at the gym, it makes you feel like you belong & that you want to stay.

Martial Arts School Team and/or family

4. When Your Coach & Teammates Treat You Like Family

Your coaches & team members that are there for you are not the only sign that you’re in the proper gym. The other one is when they begin to treat you like family after training & bonding with you for so long. 

Martial arts training is a time to be serious, but all the fun you have from it helps build that second family bond. Once that is developed, your coaches & teammates are people you can count on being a part of your life for a long time.

5. No Egos

If you are around an environment where people think they’re better than one another, it creates problems in the gym. Most coaches & martial artists despise this type of behavior because it shows ignorance. 

A martial arts school is not a place to prove to others how awesome you are comparing to them. It’s an environment that requires you to prove to yourself & helping others become better. 

Therefore, checking your ego out the door before stepping into a martial arts school is a must. When there are no egos at the gym, the energy feels way more positive during your time training. 

In reality, a gym full of people who show the willingness to help & learn from each other is what makes training great.

Martial Arts School | Code of Honour

6. There's a Code of Honor

Having a code of honor is extremely important to have at a martial arts school. When a code of honor is in place for students to follow, the environment is more peaceful because misbehavior & egos are not allowed.

Whenever you’re in a room full of well-mannered students who welcome to train with one another, you’re in the right gym.

Martial Arts School is a Second Home

7. When it Feels Like a Second Home

When an entire martial arts school has positive people, a good coach, a code of honor, & is fun to train at are all things that make it feel like a second home for you. 

Once the gym begins to feel like a second home, you feel like you don’t want to leave the place because of the positivity you’re around.


When it comes to discovering what martial arts gym is the right fit for you, always remember to find a place with no egos, good teammates, caring coaches, & a code of honor. 

These are all things that make a gym feel like a second home for people, which is nice because people need a place of belonging. Once people feel that sense of belonging, the gym begins to feel like a family environment & they look forward to seeing & training with everyone.

If you have any questions about ways to know you’re in the right martial arts gym, please leave a comment or send us a message.


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