Pandemic | 7 Martial Arts Lessons That Keeps You Strong During a Pandemic

7 Martial Arts Lessons That Keeps You Strong During a Pandemic

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a rough time for most people. Social distancing, staying home for long periods, loss of employment, & horrible news from the media has taken a toll on many people’s mindset, physical health, & mental health.

If you take any martial art (Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc.) there are lessons from these styles that can help you overcome the negativity from this pandemic.

In any martial art, you learn or take, learning & developing the lessons from it is crucial. Not only are these lessons important towards your training but also towards life. Once you have mastered these lessons, you will realize whatever negativity comes your way from this pandemic is something you’ll be ready to face.

7 Martial Arts Lessons That Keeps You Strong During a Pandemic

Muay Thai Guy staying composed during pandemic

1. Staying Composed

One of the lessons that you learn from martial arts is learning to keep your composure. Staying composed is what helps you learn & perform better because there are no distractions on your mind. 

You teach yourself to stay focused as well so, if you develop this ability, you can be calm in any situation. If you have worries you are dealing with during this pandemic, learning to stay composed from martial arts can help you. 

We all know that worrying & panicking only makes things worse. Therefore, keeping a calm mind causes you to think of solutions to save yourself from your worries.

Martial artist being positive during pandemic

2. Staying Positive

To improve yourself as a martial artist, learning to develop a positive mindset is essential when training. If you don’t establish this mindset, how do you expect yourself to get better. The same thing goes for when you’re going through hard times during COVID-19.

Do you think keeping on being depressed is going to make things better for yourself? Of course not! Fighting your emotions & regaining your positivity is the way to save yourself from being depressed.

Motivated Man Shadowboxing on beach during pandemic

3. Staying Motivated

Learning to establish your motivation from martial arts can keep you sane during a pandemic. In any martial art you take, it’s always about hard work. The hard training you go through strengthens you mentally & physically.

The more you get used to training hard, you feel as if your level of motivation is not easy to burn out. The never burn-out of motivation from martial arts is such a powerful asset to have. 

When you have this, you won’t slack & will be willing to train no matter the circumstance is.

If you’re an individual that got laid-off from work, the motivation from martial arts will help keep you sane. Therefore, you have the ambition to continue searching for another job to work whether you like it or not.

Muay Thai Girl Determined During Pandemic

4. Staying Determined

If you have built a habit of being determined from training martial arts, you will do anything necessary to train or get work done. No matter how difficult this situation is, you won’t let anything stand in your way from accomplishing tasks. 

Therefore, developing determination can help you keep on working towards your goals even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Staying Resilient

In life, there will always be difficult obstacles that people come across. The COVID-19 pandemic is for sure one of them & has brought many people down to a low. If you’re down during COVID, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

People need to be resilient, & martial arts teaches people how to rise back up. If you have experienced a training scenario of where you’re losing, then you know that you must do something to counter back to win. 

The same thing goes for going through tough times during COVID. Are you going to let negative situations defeat you? No! It’s about being resilient & finding a way to rise back up to beat the negative & your own emotions. 

Martial arts teaches people to be strong & you’ll do anything in your power to stay resilient.

Martial Artist confident during pandemic

6. Staying Healthy

If you have developed the obsession to train & stay conditioned because of martial arts, you can stay healthy during COVID. Martial arts is an obsessive healthy lifestyle for people & the Evolve MMA Daily Blog also stated how it encourages you to do so. 

Therefore, practicing on your own at home & maintaining a healthy mind during the pandemic is still a priority. Eating healthy is also relevant because that is the key to giving you the energy for training & having a positive mindset throughout COVID.

7. Staying Confident

The negativity & rough times during COVID-19 can cause your level of confidence to drop. However, the development of being strong & developing confidence in martial arts can prevent that from happening. 

It is essential to be confident when training because that is the mindset that helps you perform your best. To overcome the negativity during a pandemic, confidence from martial arts can help fight it.

Confidence is such a powerful asset to have! On one of the Evolve MMA Daily Blog articles, they have stated that confidence from martial arts “permeates into our daily lives”. If you have developed this, any negativity you face is something you’ll believe in overcoming.


COVID-19 has been a rough time for a lot of individuals in the world today. People who have been socially distancing, staying home for long periods, lost their jobs & hearing horrible news from the media have affected their mindsets, physical health, & mental health.

To overcome the negativity, the martial arts lessons mentioned in this article can help individuals stay sane. If a person knows what it takes to be composed, positive, motivated, determined, resilient, healthy, & confident, they won’t let anything break them during this pandemic.

If you have anymore questions about the martial arts lessons that can save you during a pandemic, please leave a comment or send a message.


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